7 Eye-Catchy Interior Doors

Doors of every house are one of the favorite elements of every house owner, choosing the right door is such an important design decision because it’s a high-impact element that sets the tone for the rest of the home and you don’t want to go wrong in it not only for the purpose of design but also coz of security. But when it comes to interior doors, we’re so used to viewing them as one of the few places where uniformity and continuity are the keys that we seldom give them as much consideration as the other decorative elements of the home and mostly we stick with the tried-and-tested white or brown door, and give more thought to the hardware. If you think you are limited to plain white or brown doors in your home’s interior then find out here how unique materials and innovative design can make a door not just a privacy provider, but also an integral part of a room’s decor.

1. Blue Velvet Doors:

These doors are serious showstoppers, with extravagant fabric, bold hue, and nail-head detail are right at home among other lively accents such as colorful yellow leather chairs, punchy modern art, and geometric-patterned floors will make your house stand out and bright y. These doors don’t get lost in the space, but they rather, complement it and evidence a thoughtful design ethos that considers each and every detail, and are a must try design.

Blue Velvet Doors

2. Sliding Barn Doors:

Sliding barn doors are site-appropriate in this cabin-like home if you use up-market doors and paint them in a rich, dusty turquoise they make space feel more refined and prevent the space from feeling overly rustic.

Sliding Barn Doors

3. Emerald Doors:

The pair of matching emerald doors with tastefully simple nail-head trim adds an unexpected element to an elegant, subdued hallway. These doors hint at the sprightly décor in the room beyond, providing a smooth transition from the restrained corridor to the creative space beyond them and are definitely outstanding.

Emerald Doors

4. Folding Doors With Bronze Finish:

It is Rare to see an industrial environment look so classy and sophisticated. A massive set of folding doors with bronze finish perfectly complements the steel walls and provides an excellent example of how to mix metallic finishes to eye-catching effect.

Folding Doors With Bronze Finish

5. Lime Green Door:

Never considered Lime green color for the door? Then give it a thought. If you have simple white walls and floors they will provide the perfect foundation for an unexpected lime green door. These modern doors heighten the contrast and create an unmistakable contemporary feel.

Lime Green Door

6. Carved Wood Doors:

We are used to of seeing carved wood doors on the exterior of buildings, therefore, it is refreshing to see them inside the home. These doors make doorway’s unique shape mystical and add an enthralling air to space. The generous use of pattern too is lovable and makes the hallway feel larger, and the reclaimed wood floor set in a herringbone pattern adds another point of visual interest thus these doors are beyond doubt magnificent and they suit bungalow style houses.

Carved Wood Doors

7. Milky White Door:

The geometric nail-head pattern with this milky white door stylishly continues the abstract lines of the red wall while the gold nails add a glamorous touch to this moody, artful space, and prevent it from feeling too formal and overdone.

Milky White Door

Doors plays an important part in enhancing the look of your interior. So, choose the designs carefully.