7 Attractive Primitive Country Decorating Ideas

Primitive Country Decorating Ideas

Primitive country decorating ideas will give a new look to the interior decoration and enables you to think fresh and get more creative with the unwanted junk in your lumber room and attic. Call it an upcycled interior décor or a creative farmhouse atmosphere it is simply beautiful, comfortable and inviting. You can scour flea markets, junk stores or garage sales to find something that can be used for the primitive décor. If you are looking for something homey with welcoming feel then this is the right décor. This kind of décor mostly uses worn items, which look like they have been passed on through the generations. These décor ideas can either be created by you and it is even affordable to buy. Check out the chic primitive country decorating ideas given here to get some more inspiration.

Primitive Country Decorating Ideas:

1. Mason Jar Lights

Mason jars are the heart of primitive country décor. In fact mason jars are such popular up cycled material that one cannot even imagine a vintage or country interior decoration without mason jars. Especially, Mason jar lights such as lamps, hanging lights, chandeliers, etc are not only beautiful, but functional, quirky, hip and very homey. From simple to complex designs, these country lights add an incredible illumination to your indoor and outdoor space.

Mason Jar Lights

2. Grain Sieve Chandelier

If you are looking for an exclusive and one of the kind home decors that would add an old age country charm to your living room or dining, then this grain sieve repurposed chandelier would be a wonderful stuff. The light will add a farmhouse effect making the room look rustic and cool. An Edison bulb will make the chandelier look very much countryside.

Grain Sieve Chandelier

3. Burlap Curtains

Using burlap to decorate the room is the easiest and the most inexpensive way to add country swag to your home. The natural color and texture of the fibrous material adds a rustic and cool farmhouse effect to your rooms. Use metal rods or branches to hand down the curtains and do not sew the ends either use clips or burlap ropes to tie the curtains for a perfect country effect.

Burlap Curtains

4. Distressed Furniture

Yet another simple way to create the primitive country magic in your house is by adding distressed furniture. It is budget friendly, simple and the best way to add a bit of rustic charm to your room. Timeworn furniture brings an inviting and extraordinary atmosphere in style.

Distressed Furniture

5. Ceiling

To give your dining or the porch area a country makeover, you need not change the furniture or flooring or the entire décor, but just changing the ceiling will do. A distressed ceiling with white paint or a timeworn wooden pallet ceiling would bring in the rustic look making the room appear new, cool and remarkably country. Add some fresh greenery and antique metal or wooden furniture to complete the interior.


6. Primitive Paint

Aged, time-worn and chipping paint gives an authentic primitive look to your home. It is easy to find primitive painted pieces in the flea markets. If you do not like chipped paint too much, then you can consider repainting in a few places, but leave out the dents, grooves and dings to retain the rustic vibe.

Primitive Paint

7. Funnel Candle Stands

Do not throw away the old unused funnel, as you can use it for your primitive décor. Invert the funnels and add a candlestick at the end of it that gives a rustic look to the space.

Funnel Candle Stands