7 Amazing Uses Of Vinegar For Cleaning At Home

7 Amazing Uses Of Vinegar For Cleaning At Home

Vinegar is one of the most commonly used things in the kitchen. We use vinegar for cooking various interesting recipes at home. We usually do not realize the uses of vinegar apart from the culinary uses. Surprisingly you can use vinegar to clean various things at home with utmost ease and convenience. Vinegar is extremely useful for cleaning various things at home which can’t be cleaned otherwise with such ease. There are a number of interesting uses of vinegar for cleaning various things around us is.

Some Of The Most Amazing Ideas Where You Can Use Vinegar For Cleaning Have Been Mentioned And Discussed Below:

1. Freshening The Fridge:

The fridge is one of those electronic products which we all have at home. We all use fridge for storing various things at home and also things which we feel will get spoiled if kept outside in the normal room temperature. It often occurs to us that due to storing various things in the fridge there is a particular odour or smell coming from the fridge. It is always a great idea to freshen up the fridge and to restore the freshness which is essentially needed for a fridge. You can do this by using a solution of vinegar and water in equal proportion is. You need to use the solution to clean the shelves and the walls of the fridge. This will help in giving the fridge the much needed freshness and also restoring the much needed freshness of the fridge.

Freshening The Fridge

2. Brightening Coffee And Tea Mugs:

We all have coffee mugs and tea cups at home. These coffee mugs and tea cups usually get dirty and start developing stains over time. As these crockery pieces start becoming old it becomes difficult to get rid of the stains and the marks which are developed on them. It is a great idea to use vinegar to get rid of these how to remove stains on the coffee mugs and tea cups. You can use vinegar and salt or baking powder and then apply the mix gently on the stain on the stains. This will help you immensely in get rid of the stains easily on the coffee mugs and tea cups.

Brightening Coffee And Tea Mugs

3. Cleaning And Killing Bathroom Germs:

We all know that our bathroom have germs. It is usually a task for us to clean the bathroom and get rid of these germs. There are a lot of germs in the bathroom especially in the sink area and the tub area. One of the simplest and probably the easiest ways to get rid of the germs in the bathroom would be by using vinegar. You will have to spray vinegar properly in the bathroom and specifically in the area where there are the maximum chances the presence of germs. You need to make sure that the vinegar is sprayed properly. You will then have to wipe the area with a damp cloth. This is an effective way of cleaning the bathroom and getting rid of the germs.

Cleaning And Killing Bathroom Germs

4. Cleaning Stains On Carpets And Rugs:

We all have rugs and carpets at home. The presence of carpets and rugs help in keeping your home neat and clean. We often notice that there are stains of various different kinds on the carpets and the rugs. You can get rid of these stains easily by applying vinegar on them. You will need distilled vinegar and salt or baking powder for this. You will have to apply this paste on the affected area of the carpets and rugs. You will have to leave the paste to dry and then remove the residue of the paste from the carpets and the rugs the next day. You will be surprised with the results.

Cleaning Stains On Carpets And Rugs

5. Rinsing And Cleaning Fruits And Vegetables:

We all know that the fruits and vegetables bought from the market have various chemicals, germs and insects present in them. It is not always possible for us to get rid of all these things by simply washing the fruits and vegetables with water. You can easily get rid of all the various harmful things present in the fruits and vegetables by using vinegar while cleaning the fruits and vegetables. You need to add a couple of tablespoons of white distilled vinegar to water with which you are cleaning the fruits and vegetables. You need to wash the fruits and vegetables and wash it thoroughly in this liquid. This will kill pesticide residue and various other germs much more thoroughly than any other liquid.

Rinsing And Cleaning Fruits And Vegetables

6. Removing Wax From Home:

Many of us use candles at home. We often don’t realize that these candles leave the wax residue on the furniture, floor or any other place at home where they were used. These residues are often hard to remove and often leave a mark behind if after being removed with a lot of care and caution. To remove the wax residue you can use vinegar and you will be surprised with the ease with which the wax is cleared. You need to gently wipe the affected area with a cloth which has been soaked in a solution of water and vinegar. This will clear the area from wax with ease.

Removing Wax From Home

7. Cleaning Scissors:

Scissors have a number of uses at home and garden. Scissors are used in various different situations and for various different uses. The use of scissors often makes it sticky, oily and dirty. We are often skeptical and confused about cleaning the scissor as it often rusts and this makes the scissors unusable. You can use vinegar in such situations. You can take help of a cloth to use vinegar while cleaning the pair of scissors. The cloth can be dipped in white vinegar and the blades of the scissors can be cleaned properly with the vinegar dipped cloth. The blades of the scissors will be cleaned with utmost ease and efficiency in no time and you will also not have to worry about rust being formed on the scissors.

Cleaning Scissors

These are a few amazing ideas for using vinegar for cleaning your home and things at your home. You will be surprised with the effective results from vinegar.