7 Amazing Thermocol Craft Ideas For Your Home

Thermocol Craft Ideas

Craft has always been associated with kids and they love doing it. Crafts can be done using a variety of materials, which is generally easily available and inexpensive. One such material is thermocol. A wide range of products can be made with thermocol. Its cut outs are also very popularly used for parties. But you need to be a little careful while using thermocol and should also know the right amount of pressure to exert while working with it. Thermocol balls are also commonly available and can be used while doing craft.

1. Thermocol Finger Puppets

Kids are regularly read out different stories and would love to have fictional characters at home. Even though story books have pictures, the use of puppets makes that story reading session a lot more fun. Thermocol can be used to make these puppets in the form of rings. Different coloured puppets can be made out of thermocol balls or by cutting the thermocol sheets.These will give a graet look to your home as well.

Thermocol Finger Puppets

2. Thermocol Frames

Interior designing can be done under tight budget constraints as well. Frames can be made out of thermocol sheets. The desirable shape of the frame can be cut from the sheet. This can then be decorated with different fabric or wallpaper. Different coloured paper cut outs can also be used to outline it. These frames are very light to carry and several frames can be made at once.

Thermocol Frames

3. Thermocol Wall Art

Wall art is very trendy but quite expensive. But with the use of thermocol wall art can be made in an inexpensive manner. The design for the wall art could be traced on the thermocol and then cut out. The design could be given a fresh coat of paint or covered with different textured material. The thermocol wall art could be decorated with buttons, glitter and other items to add bling to the whole look.

Thermocol Wall Art

4. Thermocol Centerpiece

Centerpiece quite often makes the statement in the whole room. This could be done in thermocol as well. Big thermocol balls could be taken and painted in different colours. Once the paint on the ball dries up, ribbons, trinkets, decorative pieces could be used to decorate it. It gives a very classy look.

5. Thermocol Flowers

Flowers add freshness to any room and can also be made with thermocol. Though flowers are naturally available in abundance, they dry up in a few days and spoil the look of the room. To avoid daily hassles flowers could be made with thermocol. It is easy to make and lasts longer. The thermocol cut out of flowers from the sheet can be painted in different colours and sticks could be attached to them. Leave cut outs could be attached to the sticks.

Thermocol Flowers

6. Thermocol Clock

Another item that can be made with thermocol is the clock. It is also easy to make and can be made as per our choice and requirement. The clock could be a hanging one or a side table clock. Thermocol balls could be used in place of numbers and the arms of the clock could be made from thermocol itself.

Thermocol Clock

7. Thermocol Wall Hanging

Thermocol is also used to make wall hanging. Wall hanging adds style to a room. Double thermocol sheets are used for wall hanging. The space between the two sheets is used to place the picture or material of our choice. They may be made in varied ways. Personalized picture or textured material could be used to decorate it.

Thermocol Wall Hanging

These are a few amazing ideas to do craft from thermocol.