6 Homemade Ways To Preserve The Tomatoes For Use In Winters

6 Homemade Ways To Preserve The Tomatoes For Use In Winters

Vegetables are always seasonal, but our needs for the vegetables is for all the time, so to fulfil our need, we preserve the vegetables, so that we can use it out of the season, tomatoes are the most important for cooking, it gives taste to the food and it grows in the summers only, so we preserve it for the winter use, we can preserve it in our home also, here are some of the simple techniques by which we can preserve the tomatoes for the winters.

Homemade Ways To Preserve The Tomatoes For Use In Winters:

1. Preserve Tomatoes In Jar:

This is the old way of the preserving the tomatoes, in this we need to take the jar with the sealed cap, tomatoes, lemon juice and little bit of the salt, first you need to take the jar, add clean it with the boiling water, add lemon and the salt to it, now add the tomatoes or the tomato puree to it, place the cap on it and make it tight to sealed it.

2. Preserve Tomatoes In Refrigerator:

This is also a good way to preserve the tomaotes, in this you need to first boil the tomatoes in the water for 5 minutes, now take it out, allow it to cool, now slowly take out the skin of it, take the piping bag and place all the tomatoes in it, sealed the bag, take out the air, as much as possible, place this in the cold temperature for the longer use.

Preserve Tomatoes In Refrigerator

3. Make The Tomatoes Sun Dried:

Making the tomatoes sun dried is the best way to preserve the tomatoes for the winter, you need to just cut the tomatoes, add some salt and the pepper, now you need to place it in the sun light, then you should choose the low humid area, but you should take it out as the sun sets, place it again as the sun rises, now you need to place it in the container and then use it.

Make The Tomatoes Sun Dried

4. Freeze The Cherry Tomatoes:

Cheery tomatoes are so small and it is not easy to peel it off, so you need to take the whole cherry tomatoes, place this inside the egg tray and then place it in the ice cold refrigerator for the longer use, now your cherry tomatoes will become hard solid, in the winters you need to take it out, put it in the water for sometime and as the temperature of the tomatoes is at normal, then use it.

Freeze The Cherry Tomatoes

5. Preserve In Tomato Paste:

We can also preserve the tomatoes by making the paste of it, we should take the clean tomatoes, then we need to cut it and take out the seeds of it, then cut the chopped it into very fine pieces, add salt and the pepper to it and put it on the low flame and cook it for 10 minutes, keep on stirring meanwhile, now place this in the jar and use it for up to 7 months.

Preserve In Tomato Paste

6. Preserve It In Oven Roasted Tomatoes:

To use the tomatoes in the winters, we can also make it oven roasted, for this we need to cut the top of the tomatoes, scoop out the seeds of it, add the salt to it, then place it in the baking tray and put it inside a preheated oven for about the 7 to 8 hours, now take it out and preserved it in the moisture free box.

Preserve It In Oven Roasted Tomatoes