6 Easy Steps To Make A DIY Pineapple Lampshade

Do you know how to make a Pineapple Lampshade with plastic spoons? Actually it is a awesome project and a really easy project that anybody can do this. You can see such type of lampshades in a craft shop which costs lots of bucks. Isn’t a nice idea if you make such a lampshade in your home with simple ingredients available in your home? It will save your hard earned money and also a nice idea to use your spare time in such a creative project.

Easy Steps To Make A DIY Pineapple Lampshade:

1. Collect All The Ingredients Needed:

First you have to collect all the items needed for the project. The essential things that are needed for your project are plastic spoons, plastic jar (white or transparent), scissors, super glue, green colored chart paper, electric bulb, electric wire, sharp knife and adhesive tape.


2. Cut The Spoons And Paint The Spoons:

Then you have to accumulate the plastic spoons. Then clean them properly and dry it. Now paint these spoon portions with yellow color and keep them aside. Let them to be dry as you have to use it in the later steps of this project.


3. Cut The Jar In Round Shape:

If your jar contains any stickers or labels on it, just remove it. Clean the jar properly and dry it. On the closed side cut it in a round shape with a sharp knife so that a circular cavity is made. You have to fix the stand of the lampshade on this side.


4. Fix The Spoons On The Jar:

Now gently place the painted spoon portions on the jar and affix them firmly on the jar with super glue. Make it sure that the spoons must be placed like the petals on a flower. When all the spoons get affixed on the jar leave it aside for 2-3 hours and do not disturb the jar.


5. Fix The Leaves Of The Pineapple:

Now take the green colored chart paper. Draw pineapple leaves with pencil. Cut the leaves according to the drawing with a sharp scissors. Now fix these artificial leaves on your pineapple lampshade with glue. Now put this jar in erect position on a table or on the floor. Keep it aside for 1-2 hours so that it can get set properly.


6. Fix The Bulb And Wire:

Now here is the time to add final touch to your project. Now affix the bulb and connect it with electric wire. Also add the stand, so that you can use it as a lampshade. Here your Pineapple Lampshade is now ready to use.