6 DIY Tips To Clean Burnt Pots And Pans Easily

In the kitchen we need to do many things, we cook foods for the breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, apart from this we need to do other things also like the cleaning of the kitchen and the utensils, we use the soap and clean the utensils easily, but when any thing will get brunt in the pot and pans, especially when we are boiling the milk, then there will be thick layer of the burnt thing gets stick to the pan and it will not remove easily with the soap, our pots and pan will not look shiny but here are some of the simple DIY ways by which we can clean the burnt pots and pans.

1. Boiling Water And Detergent:

When we have burnt pots and pans, then we need to do something extra, to clean the it we need to take the water, put it on the low heat, add washing powder to it, leave it for boiling, now boil it for sometime, now drain the water, take the spoon and scratch the brunt material, you will see that the material starts removing from the pots, take out the material and then clean it with the running water, now take the steel wool and clean the pan again, you will see the pots and the pans will start shining again.

Boiling Water And Detergent

2. Vinegar And Baking Soda:

This is also an unique and easy way to clean the burnt pots and pans, for this you need to take the burnt pan, add the water to it, now add the vinegar to it, put it on the low heat, boil it for about the 5 minutes, now take it out and drain out the water from it, now add the baking soda to it, now you will see the small bubble coming out from the pan, as the bubbles stop coming out, then take the steel wool, add the dish wash to it and clean it as you clean the normal pot,  you will see all the burnt this will be removed easily.

Vinegar And Baking Soda

3. Coke:

We know coke is base in nature and base is the opposite of the acid, brunt material is in also base in nature, you need to take the brunt pan, first make sure that the there should not be any moisture in to the pan, add the coke in it pan, like that all the part of the burnt material should be covered with the coke, now leave it for about the 1 hour, you will see that the burnt material will start loosing, drain the coke and take the normal cleaning wool, add the dish wash, clean the pot, you will see that the pot will start shining again.


4. Dryer Sheet:

When we cook the bacon or milk in the pot, then there are changes that they might get burnt and stick to the pot easily and they are not easy to remove, now you need to boil the water in another pan, add this to the burnt pot, now add the liquid dish wash to it, stir it and mix it nicely, now take the dryer sheet, place this on the top of the water and allow it to absorb the water, now place it in the microwave for about the 1 hour, after 1 hour take it out from the microwave, remove the sheet, drain the water, now the burnt material is converted in the sludge, clean it.

Dryer Sheet

5. Salt:

If we have a frying pan, then we have layers of the burnt materials at the corners of the pan, for this you need to place it on the flame, add the salt to it, now as the spatula and start scrubbing the edges of the frying pan, you will see slowly the material will start coming out from the pan, now take the onion, cut it from the top and bottom, peel it and rub it on the pan, last we clean it in with the running water.


6. Lemon:

Lemon is also base in nature and it has amazing cleaning properties, we have many uses of the lemon, it is used to clean the burnt pots easily, all you need to take the 2-3 lemons, cut it into quarter, now place all of the lemons in the pot and water to it, allow it boil, as the mixture start boiling, take the spatula and try to loosen the burnt material, drain the mixture, now add the dish wash in the pot, clean it with the steel wool and rinse it, your pot will start shining, just like new.