6 DIY Maintenance Tricks You Must Know For Hardwood Floors

Newly laid hardwood flooring is gleaming and brings sophisticated look to the entire house. For sure, it is pricey, but what is more challenging and formidable is the maintenance of the flooring. You would have laid it with the idea to pass on to the future generation with the same gleam and sheen, but as time elapses, the condition of the flooring changes due to damages, the shine disappears and the flooring starts getting dull. But do not worry, we have a solution to all your problems. Here we have shared our DIY secrets to help keep your wonderful hardwood floor just like new, gleaming and happy.

DIY Maintenance Tips For Hardwood Floors:

1. Black Tea Splotch:

Oops, you spilled black tea on your hardwood flooring accidently? No problem, mop it up with a damp cloth and see how shiny the floor gets once it dries up. Surprised? Regular mopping with black tea mixed water is a simple trick to keep your hardwood flooring shiny and microbe free. It is the tannins and the polyphenolic compounds that add a warm natural shine to the flooring and keeps it free of microbes.

Black Tea Splotch

2. Olive Oil And Lemon Juice – Homemade Floor Cleaner:

Do not like the smell of vinegar? Looking for some better natural hardwood cleaning product? Then, have a quick look at your pantry as you can find an array of ingredients that work the best as cleaning agents when mixed with water. Confused which would work as the best cleaner for hardwood floors, then just follow the recipe. Mix up lemon juice and olive oil in a bucket of hot water. Dampen the mop in this solution and wipe the floor to clean the dirt and restore the rich natural shine of the flooring.

Olive Oil And Lemon Juice - Homemade Floor Cleaner

3. Mopping Trick:

Though the flooring is made of hard wood, it is wood at the end of the day so flooding with water can cause horrible damages. So, while mopping, use less water. Only damp mop no drenching with water. Similarly, when you spill something on the floor, clean it immediately and try to keep the floor dry all the time to maintain it with high gloss for years.

Mopping Trick

4. Wax For Repairing Scratches:

Scratches on your sheen hardwood flooring can be upsetting. However, we have a trick to cover up the scratches and make it look flawless. Pick up a crayon that matches the floor color and fill in the scratches with it, wax as much as you can. Heat it using a hair dryer so that the wax will soften and spreads well. Let it cool and wipe with a soft cloth to seal the wax and remove the excess.

Wax For Repairing Scratches

5. White Vinegar To Get Rid Of Scuff Marks:

Combine white vinegar with equal quantities of hot water in a bottle. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to mask the smell of vinegar and make the cleanse smell good. First, sprinkle some baking soda over the scuff marks and then spray it with the cleaning solution. Let it froth for a few seconds and then rub the scuff mark until it is removed completely. Wipe the area with damp cloth and dry using soft towel.

White Vinegar To Get Rid Of Scuff Marks

6. Dish Washing Detergent For Oil Based Stains:

Dish washing detergent is an excellent way to remove oil-based stains. Use a soft cloth to rub the stained area, the detergent will remove the grease. Clean with water and allow the spot to dry. Smooth the elevated grains using fine sandpaper. You can repeat this procedure until the stain is removed completely.

Dish Washing Detergent For Oil Based Stains