6 Brilliant Ways To Take Care Of Your Indoor Plants

Every body wants to decorate the house where they live. And decorating your place with indoor plants is a nice idea to implement. Actually indoor plants are easily manageable, and they did not want too much of your effort. So, now whenever you have to decorate your house keep some indoor plants there.
Although indoor plants need a little effort, there are some simple rules for how to take care of your indoor plants. So if you have indoor plants in your house try to follow these simple steps that are specified here.

All These Tips Are Easy To Follow:

1. Prepare The Soil:

When you are deciding about indoor plants first thing that you have to do is to prepare the soil first. Just mix equal amount of soil, sand and organic fertilizer; and then pour it in the pot in which you have to put the plant.


2. Sunlight For Few Hours:

Every body thinks that indoor plants do not need sunlight, which is not correct. For their growth every plant needs a certain amount of sunlight. So your indoor plants also have a need to sunlight. Try to keep them in sunlight at least 2-3 hours per day, either in your terrace or in your balcony where it can get plenty of sunlight. If you do not have terrace, don’t worry. Just keep them beside your window where the plants get sunlight in an easy way. Plants like money plant do not need so much of sunlight, so for this type of plant you can keep them in a little shady area.


3. Pour Measured Water:

Water plays an important role in the growth of a plant, but excess water can stops the growth of plant even if it can cause death of a plant. So try to pour a little amount of water to your indoor plants in regular interval. Indoor plants do not need water daily, so do not pour water to it daily.


4. Cut Dry Stems Regularly:

Indoor plants are very easy to maintain, but at the same time they actually needs your attention. And if you give it a proper attention, you will be a proud owner of beautiful indoor plants. So take care of your indoor plants regularly. If it has dry stems or leaves just cut them with a small scissors. Actually if your plants came with lots of dry stems it just look bad. So maintain your indoor plants carefully.


5. Spray Insecticide Regularly:

Sometimes you may notice that the leaves or the stems of your indoor plants get discolored. It can happen if it may cause by fungus attack or any insect attack on your plants. In these problems spray proper insecticide or anti fungal solutions on your plants to get rid of the problem. You can also prepare an anti fungal solution in your home with baking soda, corn oil and water. Mix them and then spray it on your plants regularly to remove fungus.


6. Keep Them In Decorative Pots:

Try to arrange some decorative pots for your indoor plants as you have to keep them in your room. If you do not have such decorative pots in your home do not worry. You can easily paint the earthen pots with acrylic colors and then dry them. Then put your indoor plants in such pots. Plants like money plants etc. remains good while keeping them in water. Arrange an empty wine bottle or tin of talcum powder and then pour the plant in it. It will look awesome in minimal cost.