6 Amazing Uses Of The Leftover Vegetables And Fruit Peels

6 Amazing Uses Of The Leftover Vegetables And Fruit Peels

Each and every part of the vegetables and the fruit is useful, normally all the vegetables and the fruits are eaten without the peel of it, we normally throw the peel, but these peels have many useful things in it and they can be used in different ways in your home and make your difficult work even more easy.

Here Is The List Of The Some Of The Amazing Uses Of The Left Over Fruit And Vegetables Peels:

1. Making Of Apple Jelly:

Apple has almost all the things that our body needs, but we throw the peels of it, we can make the delicious apple jelly by the peel of it, you need to caramelized the brown sugar in the water, add some of the cinnamon powder and the paste of the apple peel in it, add the corn starch to it, mix all the things well and then put it on the low flame to get the jelly of it, you it in the morning breakfast.

Making Of Apple Jelly

2. Homemade Potpourri With Fragrance:

If you want to decorate your house with your own creativity, then you can make the potpourri with the peels of the vegetables and the fruits, you need to select the left over peels, make sure that there should not be any mark to it, now place them inside the microwave for about the 2 minutes, so that all the moisture will get removed from it and you get dry peels, add the fragrance which you want and place it to the tables.

Homemade Potpourri With Fragrance

3. To Whiten The Tooth:

We all want healthy and white teeth, for this we use many products on our skin, these products have harmful chemical content in it, but the best way to get the white teeth is the use of the banana peel, you need to take a piece of the banana and then rub the inner side of it, on the tooth, leave it for sometime and then clean it with the cold water, you tooth will start shining.

To Whiten The Tooth

4. Cleaning Of The Metals:

We all have the pots and many things in our home made up of the metals and there are stains to the metals also and those are not easy to remove, but we can use the lemon peels to remove the stains of the metals, first we need to add the water to the pot, then we add the baking soda to it, we need to rub it with the lemon peel, then again clean it with the water to get the perfect cleaning.

Cleaning Of The Metals

5. Make Brown Sugar Soft:

We all have the brown sugar in our home and brown sugar becomes hard easily as it traps the moisture from the atmosphere, so to make the brown sugar soft, we need to take the leftover peel of the lemon in the bag of the brown sugar, your sugar will always remain soften.

Make Brown Sugar Soft

6. For Pedicure:

We all go for the expensive pedicure in the parlor, but we can also do the pedicure by our own with the left over papaya peel, you need to clean the feet with the warm water and a mild soap, then rub the peel to the feet for sometime, massage the feet with the fingers, leave it so that the juice of the peel will become dry, now clean it with the water again, apply a good moisturizer to the feet, your pedicure is done.

For Pedicure