6 Amazing Household Uses For The Borax

6 Amazing Household Uses For The Borax

Borax is also known as sodium borate and we use this salt from many years for the purpose of cleaning, it was first found in the lake bed in Tibet. There are many uses of the borax now a days, it has the an amazing cleaning properties in it and we now used it in many tasks, here is list of the some of the household used of the borax.

 Amazing Household Uses For The Borax:

1. Kill The Insects:

Borax is used to kill the insects especially like the cockroaches and other bugs also, so you need to mix the borax with the sugar and keep it at a place where these insects comes usually in the night. Sugar attracts the bugs on it and borax kills all of them, but you need to make sure that, it should be away from the children reach as may cause danger to their health.

Kill The Insects

2. Remove The Iron Rust:

We all the items made of iron and we have the fence and many utensils made of the iron, but in the atmosphere there is a chance of the rusting and slowly it eats our whole iron, but borax can be used on it, you need to make a paste of the borax, lime juice and the warm water, now apply this paste of the rusted area for about 20 minutes, now take a milk emery paper and rub the rust, you iron will now have no rusting on it.

Remove The Iron Rust

3. Remove Stains On Floor:

We all have a light color of flooring, but sometimes we have stains on it and it is not easy to remove it with the normal floor cleaner, for this we need some strong cleaning agent, borax can be used in it, you need to add the borax with the detergent, warm water and the ammonia, now you need to spread this mixture to the stain area, leave it for sometime and then clean it with the water, if the stain is hard, then you need to repeat the process to 2-3 times.

Remove Stains On Floor

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4. Unclogging Of Sink:

We clean our utensils and other stuff in the sink, but sometimes, there are hard substances also, which clog the sink and stick to that place and we need to call the plumber to unclog it, but we can do it by our self also, just take the boiling water and pour it to the sink, add plenty of the borax powder to it, leave it for 10 minutes, now pour the normal water with the high pressure to it, your sink will no more clogged.

 Unclogging Of Sink

5. Preserve Freshness of The Flowers:

We all have the vase in our home, we add sometimes artificial flowers and sometimes fresh flowers, but the freshness of the flowers gone easily, these flowers are quite expensive, so we need to preserve it for some more days. Using of borax can be a good option, you need to take the borax and mix it with the dry sand, place the flowers to the vase and then spray it on the flowers and the leafs of it, the combination will soak the moisture and preserve the flowers.

Preserve Freshness of The Flowers

6. Remove Laundry Stains:

We wear expensive dresses, but we stains make them worse, so we need to add the borax to the warm water, make the paste of it and rub it to the stain area for 5 minutes, put it in the machine and clean it with the detergent, your stain will be removed easily.

 Remove Laundry Stains