6 Amazing DIY Uses Of Dryer Sheets At Your Home And Garden

DIY Uses Of Dryer Sheets At Your Home And Garden

Dryer sheets are normally used in the laundry works and laundry related work. Dryer sheets have a number of uses apart from laundry works. You will be surprised to know the amazing ways in which you can use dryer sheets with utmost ease. In fact you can use dryer sheets in a number of ways in your home and garden.

Some Of The Uses Of Dryer Sheets In Your Home And Garden Have Been Mentioned Below:

1. For Cleaning Glass

The dryer sheets are great products for cleaning glass and various glass products at home and garden. They help in removing various marks and stains from glasses products. If you have glass lights, vases or any other glass products then you can rub dryer sheet on these and remove the marks.

For Cleaning Glass

2. For Dusting

Dryer sheets can be used as dusters. Our homes and area around the home has a lot of dust. You can use dryer sheets for dusting various accessories and things in the at home and garden. This will make them absolutely clean for once.

For Dusting

3. For Diaper Bags

If you have a baby at home, you will know how much a diaper bag smells. We often keep these bags at home and later it is to be thrown away with garbage. You can add a couple of dyer sheets in the bag and these bags will not make your home smell.

For Diaper Bags

4. For Cleaning Iron

Many of us have problems in cleaning the iron products at home and garden. There are a number of things made of iron which surround us. You can clean the iron things in the home and garden using the dryer sheets with immense ease.

For Cleaning Iron

5. For Cleaning Scissor Blades

Scissors are one of the most frequently used things in the home and garden. They are used for trimming and shaping trees and plants and for miscellaneous purpose at home. You can use dryer sheets to clean scissor blades extremely easily.

For Cleaning Scissor Blades

6. For Keeping Pests Away

Pests are a big concern for many of us both indoors and outdoors. You can keep the pests away by simply using dryer sheets. You can place these sheets both indoors and outdoors and keep your pests away with utmost ease.

For Keeping Pests Away

These are a few surprising uses of dryer sheets for your home and garden.