6 Amazing DIY Ideas To Reuse Old Things In Garden

DIY Ideas To Reuse Old Things In Garden

Most of us have gardens in our house and we love to decorate our gardens in the best way possible. We often splurge a lot of money in decorating and doing something different in our garden. It often becomes a very difficult task for most of us to come up with something interesting and different fir our garden. One by which you can definitely catch the attention of people is by using reusable and recycled things in your garden. We often throw used, broken and unwanted items without realizing that they can be used in a number of ways and in a number of places. Gardens are one of the best places to use your old things in. You can be innovative and creative while doing this project. You can use old things in ways you probably never thought of.

Some Of The Ways You Can Use Old Things In Your Garden Have Been Discussed Below And You Will Have A Real Great Time While You Work On This Project:

1. Plastic Bottles As Flower Plants

Plastic bottles are one of the most easily available and disposed off things in every house. There are aerated drinks, juices and various other liquids which one gets in the bottles. Once the liquid inside the bottle is consumed the bottle is of no use. You can easily use the bottle for planting plants inside them. To make them more appealing you may use paints and various other things on them. This will be an interesting addition to your garden.

Plastic Bottles As Flower Plants

2. Wooden Pallets For Benches

Wooden pallets are a common thing for reusing and recycling things. Interesting benches for the garden can be made easily using the wooden pallets. They also save a lot of money as benches are expensive. You can add a couple of cushions to the benches to add to the comfort and look. In fact, smart covers can also be made for these benches to make these more comfortable and relaxing for you.

Wooden Pallets For Benches

3. Unused Wood Pieces As Plant Markers

Plant markers are a very important element in the garden. These markers not only help us in identifying the plants in the garden but also highly influence the way your garden and the plantation area looks. You can use the unused and unwanted wood in the garden as the plant markers. You can cut the wood in interesting shapes and write down the names of the plants on them. The same can be placed as a plant marker corresponding to the respective plants. You can be creative and experimental while doing your plant markers. These are simple to make but definitely standout in your garden.

Unused Wood Pieces As Plant Markers

4. Broken Glass As Plant Markers

Broken glass or broken glass pieces are a very common sight in our lives whether it is our home or work place. Broken glass pieces are often gathered and thrown away as a person thinks that they are useless and no longer needed. You can pick up the slightly bigger glass pieces and use them very effectively in your garden. Interesting plant markers can be made using then broken glass pieces. You can paint and decorate the glass marker according to the plant it stands for. This will be an extremely creative way of doing your plant marker for your garden at practically no cost at all.

Broken Glass As Plant Markers

5. Wooden Pallets As Raised Garden Beds

Raised garden beds are one of the most talked about garden beds. These are said to be very good for the growth of the plants in the garden. Many people find it too expensive to make a raised garden bed. You can use pallets to make garden beds easily at home for your garden bed. They do not take much time and effort and look extremely professional and nice. You can do these the way you want and make it according to the size of your garden.

Wooden Pallets As Raised Garden Beds

6. Plastic Cups For Bird Feeder

Bird feeders are an important attraction in the garden. Many of us have a small feeder in the garden for the feeding of the birds. You can use old plastic cups as a bird feeder. You can decorate and enhance the look of your garden with a different and unique bird feeder. You can use bowls of different shapes, makes and sizes. You will simply love this sight in the garden.

Plastic Cups For Bird Feeder

These are some of the amazing ways in which you can use old things in your garden very creatively and differently. These will definitely make your garden look different and you will also set an example for many.