5 Stunning Paper Lantern Ideas For Home

These days there are a wide range of interesting and eye catching accessories and crafts which are available for decorating your home beautifully and in an eye catching manner. One of the prettiest ways in which you can decorate your home would be by using lanterns. Lanterns are a beautiful way to adorn and decorate your home. They have a very different look and charm and they give your home the prettiest look possible. Lanterns are available in a variety of interesting looks. One of the most interesting lanterns which you can choose to have for your home would be the paper lanterns. You can make these paper lanterns easily for your home in different looks and designs. Some of the best paper lanterns which you can choose to have for your home have been mentioned and discussed below.

1. Ball Shaped Paper Lantern:

The ball shaped paper lanterns are one of the most interesting and common type of paper lanterns which you will find. You can give these common paper lanterns a new and interesting look by being creative and different. There are a number of interesting designs and ideas which can be incorporated to give the ball shaped paper lantern a new look. You can use embellishments, accessories or simply keep the lower portion of the ball shaped lantern open. It is a great paper lantern which you can make with utmost ease and convenience for your beautiful home.

Ball Shaped Paper Lantern

2. Floral Paper Lantern:

The floral looks and designs are very much in fashion and look absolutely fabulous when you use pretty crafts and accessories with the floral designs and looks for your home. You can choose to make some wonderful floral paper lanterns for your home. These are absolutely gorgeous paper lanterns and you can be extremely creative while designing the floral look for these lanterns. You will simply love the presence of these amazing paper lanterns for your home.

Floral Paper Lantern

3. Cut Work Paper Lantern:

The cutwork paper lanterns are creative paper lanterns which you can choose to adorn and beautify your home with. These paper lanterns have an extremely pretty look as they have some beautiful cutwork designs on them. You can carefully select and decide the kind of cutwork design which you would want for these wonderful lanterns for your home. These lanterns look absolutely mesmerizing when they are lit up beautifully.

Cut Work Paper Lantern

4. Hanging Paper Lantern:

The hanging paper lanterns are one of those paper lanterns which are found in large varieties and designs. These apparently lanterns look absolutely gorgeous and enhance the look of the place wherever they are used. There are some gorgeous designs and looks which are available in the hanging paper lanterns and you will love to use these wonderful paper crafts for the beautification and decoration of your home.

Hanging Paper Lantern

5. Stars Paper Lantern:

The stars paper lanterns are lovely lanterns which are in the shape of the stars. You will come across some beautiful star shaped lanterns of varying shapes and in different paper colours. You can also make these wonderful lanterns easily at home. You can make them look much more attractive and eye catching by decorating and embellishing them beautifully. You can also add a glittering look to these lanterns to give them an appealing and attractive look.

Stars Paper Lantern

These are a few wonderful and eye catching paper lanterns ideas for your home.