5 Steps To DIY Mandala Pattern Bookshelf

The main purpose of interior decoration other than making things visually appealing is to bring positive energy into the living space. For this reason Mandalas or geometrical circular patterns which the Buddhist monks draw are liberally being employed indoors by many people in a number of ways. Mandalas are believed to bring positive energy into any space and represent wholeness and purity. We have brought you an incredible way to use the mandala pattern in designing bookshelf for your cherished collection of books. So you no longer have to spend your reading or book surfing time in a dull place as this bookshelf is enough to rejuvenate every time you place your eyes on it.

Follow The Undermentioned Steps To DIY Mandala Bookshelf:

1. Choose A Wall

To begin with choose an empty wall that is large enough to accommodate the mandala bookshelf. Since this bookshelf is going to be the center of attention of your reading or living room its better to install it in the main wall of the room so everyone who enters the room gets a complete view of the Mandala pattern and benefit from its healing powers.

Choose A Wall

2. Gather All Essentials

Once you have chosen the wall start gathering the essentials required to make the bookshelf. You will need around 12 pieces each of small, medium and large sized square box shelves. Remember that the size of the small square shelves and the large ones should be enough to store all your small and large books respectively. All the other books that don’t fit the small shelves and are too small for the large square shelves go in the medium sized shelves.

Gather All Essentials

3. Paint The Square Shelves

Start painting the square box shelves in hues of your liking. You can even colour code the shelves depending on various genres of books you have. That way it will be easier to locate the books when you need them. Let the paint dry completely before placing the shelves on the wall.

Paint The Square Shelves

4. Make A Rough Layout

For a no fuss installation make a rough sketch of the mandala patterns shown in the image with pen and paper considering the measurements of the square shelves for easy placement on the wall. Mark the places on the wall where the boxes will be attached by following the sketch.

Make A Rough Layout

5. Install The Box Shelves

Start by installing the small square boxes with a drill machine in a circular pattern in such a way that the sides of all the small shelves form a zig – zag circle. Now align the medium sized shelves along the outer rim of the small square shelves in a way that they look like flower petals. Finish by installing the large square shelves around the medium sized shelves. Deck up this bookshelf with all your books and display pieces.

Install The Box Shelves