5 Interesting Ways To Use Coffee In The Garden

Coffee has obtained an important role in our day to day life. Almost all of us like to have a cup of coffee at least twice a day. But do you think that coffee is beneficial for only our health? If yes, you are wrong. This is because the coffee grounds are loaded with amazing advantages and benefits to the garden. Yes, you read it right. They have the capability of enriching the soil with potassium, nitrogen, and various other minerals. Thus, it improves the quality of the soil and growth of the plants. Still not aware of the ways by which you can use coffee grounds in your garden?

Here, In This Article, We Are Going To List Some Amazing And Interesting Ways Of Using Coffee Grounds In The Garden:

1. Composting

Add coffee grounds to the compost piles. Coffee grounds play an important role in decomposing the food items faster. They also add the sufficient amounts of potassium, magnesium, copper and phosphorus to the soil. However, see that the coffee grounds which you add do not exceed twenty-five percent to the overall compost. The excessive amounts of the coffee grounds can lead to the several problems to the soil.


2. Fungus Prevention

Coffee grounds are very effective in keeping the plants healthy and strong. They are highly capable of warding off the fungal infections as well. All you have to do is to just place some coffee grounds just about the base and stem of the plants. This method is highly known to be beneficial in keeping the plants from fungus.


3. Controls Pest

We all enjoy the wonderful scent of the coffee which makes us active in the morning and adds a smile on the face. But the same scent of the coffee has completely the contrary effect on the pests. The aroma of the coffee grounds keeps the damaging pests and insects away. Take some amount of coffee grounds and sprinkle them around garden and plants to keep those damaging pests at bay.


4. Acts As A Fertilizer

Coffee grounds consist of adequate amounts of nitrogen. This nutrient is very important for the proper growth of the vegetables and leafy greens. Take two cups coffee grounds and add it to a five-gallon bucketful of water. Let the coffee grounds steep for the whole night. Mix them in the morning for preparing the own natural fertilizer. Next, pour this solution on your plants which require additional amounts of nutrients to grow.


5. Keep Animals At Bay

Dogs and cats would often visit the garden. They make the garden untidy and can even spoil the plants. This problem can be well handled with the help of the coffee grounds. Spread some coffee grounds on your garden. The coffee grounds easily deter the animals from digging.