5 Easy Steps For How To Make A PVC Pipe Shoe Rack

Shoe rack is the one of the most important item that needed in every household. And it is so inevitable furniture of any house. Some time the shoe rack is not only the need but it is like decorative furniture of your home. There are so many options available for the shoe rack is available in market, which came under different price range. It is some times costs so high which may not permits your pocket. For that purpose you can make your own shoe rack with PVC pipes. Sometimes you may have some unused PVC pipes in your home which are discarded after using it in any project as it is excess. You may have piled the excess PVC pipes in your store room with lots of dust. So here is the high time to use them in your projects. You can make a fantastic shoe rack with this excess PVC pipes portions.

Here Are The Simple 5 Steps For You How To Make A Pvc Pipe Shoe Rack In An Easy Way

1. Collect All The Items

First you have to collect the key item for the project i.e. the PVC pipe portions. Take such PVC pipes which has larger diameter so that you can easily keep your shoes inside them. Choose the PVC pipes that are used as water pipes in your house. These types of pipes are bigger diameter than the others. The other things that are needed for the project are Saw with sharp blade, screws, bolts, drilling machine, sand papers, bright colored oil paints, straight boards, marker pens etc.


Collect All The Items

2. Cut The Pvc Pipes And Ready Them For Your Project

Now take all the PVC pipe pieces that you have collected. Remove the dust from it by wiping it with soft cotton clothes. Then mark them with a marker pen to make them of same height. Now cut the pipes with a saw along the marked line so that all the pipes are of uniform height. Now rub the outer portion of the pipes with a sand paper so the out sides of the pipes get smooth texture and when you paint it become easy for you to paint.


Cut The Pvc Pipes And Ready Them For Your Project

3. Join The Pieces Firmly

Now take the PVC pipes that you have ready for your project. Make small dots on the pipes with the marker pen where you have to fix the screws. Take proper measurement before you draw the dots on them. Now make small holes on them with drilling machine following the dots. Then affix screws and bolts in these holes to affix one pipe with the other. You can arrange the pipe pieces in any number maintaining uniformity in your design. Also keep in mind that the shoe rack has to balance on the floor when you are keeping the shoes in it.

Join The Pieces Firmly

4. Paint It In Desired Color

Now paint your newly made shoe rack with bright color to make it nicer. Use bright colored paints to paint the outside of the shoe rack and allow it to dry keeping it undisturbed for some time. Do not forget to paint the inner side of the PVC pipes. Use lighter shade paint for the inner side of the pipes.

Paint It In Desired Color

5. Add Decorative Items To Your Shoe Rack

When the paint gets dry you can add some decorative items on your shoe rack to make it more beautiful. You can make designs on the outer side with any other colored paints. Allow it to dry. If needed you can fix a board under your shoe rack so that it can place evenly on the floor. Here your PVC Pipe Shoe Rack is ready to use.