5 Easy DIY Steps For How To Make A Glass Painted Tray

DIY Steps For How To Make A Glass Painted Tray

Glass Painted Tray is a very common thing to gift it to anybody. You often find it in gift shop which costs lots of bucks. Do you know you can make your own glass tray in your home? It is so easy to prepare such a tray in your home. It only saves your money but it also a nice idea to make such a glass painted tray in your house and gift it to your near and dear one. In this article you will learn how to DIY such a glass painted tray in your house in just 5 steps.

So, Go Through This Article And Make Your Own Glass Painted Tray:

1. Collect All The Ingredients

To do this project you have to collect all the necessary ingredients for the project. the things that you will need for this particular project are a transparent piece of glass, glass colors, glass color medium, glass color marker, pen, pencil, eraser, permanent marker, paint brush of different size, a piece of cotton cloth, water, frame and glue. Keep all these ingredients on a table so that you can easily get them when you start the project.

Collect All The Ingredients

2. Draw The Picture

To begin your project first chooses a simple picture you want to paint on your glass tray. Draw the picture on a paper first. You may copy it from any picture or can draw it by free hand drawing. Then copy on the piece of glass that you choose for your tray by a permanent marker. Then remove the copier paper and now your picture is ready to fill with color. Do not forget to cover the sides of the glass piece with safety tape to avoid any accident when you handle it.

Draw The Picture

3. Make An Outline Of Your Picture

After the drawing of the picture on the glass now you have to draw an outline for this picture. You can find glass colors in market from different brands, in different color and size also. They are available in both tube form and also in bottle. When you make an outline with glass color a tube will be more suitable for you as it is easy to handle and you can control the flow of the color.

When you got the perfection in glass color drawing you can use pointed brush to do the outline. Black or dark brown is most suitable for drawing outlines for your picture. But if you need any other color you can use it. Keep it aside so the outline gets completely dry.

Make An Outline Of Your Picture

4. Fill Your Picture With Color

When the outline dried you can feel the picture with color. For that you need glass colors and medium. Mix glass colors with medium and then paint the picture carefully with a suitable brush. Use different brush while painting different areas of your picture. Fill the picture with glass colors carefully so that no color gets overlapped in the other area or outside of the border of the picture. If the color gets overlapped outside the picture wipe it carefully with a soft cotton cloth neatly. When it is completed leave it aside to dry.

Fill Your Picture With Color

5. Attach A Holder To Your Tray

When the painted get dried remove the safety tapes from all sides of the glass first and then frame it. Choose a suitable frame for your tray. You can find lots of such frames in market made with metal or wood or plastic. Choose any one of then which matches the size of the glass and also goes well with the picture. Then frame your tray and attach handles on both sides. Here your DIY glass painted tray is now ready to use.

Attach A Holder To Your Tray