5 DIY Piggy Banks With Plastic Bottles That Your Kids Will Love

Plastic bottles have become unavoidable in our everyday life and most of the time we end up throwing them away in the trash adding more pollutants to the environment. To avoid this and save nature, one simple thing we can do is reusing and recycling these bottles. In fact, these plastic bottles make wonderful and versatile crafty supplies. Here in this write up we shall learn how to use these bottles to make cute and adorable piggy banks that will give saving goals and recycling ideas to your little ones.

DIY Piggy Banks With Plastic Bottles:

1. Super Easy Piggy Bank:

Take a beverage bottle and cut a slot for putting in coins in the middle. Take a color paper or chart of your choice and cut a long strip to wrap around the bottle from where the label has been peeled off. Trace the slot made earlier on the bottle and cut at the same place on the strip. Cut piggy ear shapes on the remaining color paper and position them on either side of the bottle along the paper band. Mark the eyes using color paper or paint and stick the front portion of the bottle cap with the same color paper. Mark nostrils using a different color on the bottle cap and attach four painted wooden beads on the underside of the bottle for legs. A beautiful upcycled beverage bottle piggy bank is ready.

Super Easy Piggy Bank

2. Airplane Piggy Bank:

Take a used mineral water bottle and cut a slot for dropping in the coins. Draw the fuselage with the back wings on a chart paper and cut it. Make two identical pieces to wrap around the bottle body. Affix it around the body and mark the coin slot. Cut the engines and wings and attach them to the plane’s body. Similarly, cut a propeller and slip in onto the mouth of the bottle and cap it tightly. Add details and make the plane prettier and start your savings.

Airplane Piggy Bank

3. Minion Piggy Bank:

Take a plastic bottle and remove the mouth region to make a cylindrical shape. Cover the upper half of the bottle with yellow sheet and the bottom half with blue. Seal the top open portion using yellow sheet and cut a coin slot. Use a black sketch to draw the spectacles, eyes and the smiling mouth. Paint a pair of yellow strips over the blue to differentiate its upper body and affix straws on either side for the arms. Cut a pair of shoes on the colored sheet and paint those black before your affixing them to complete your minion piggy bank. That’s it, your minion piggy bank is all ready for your savings to start.

Minion Piggy Bank

4. Cartoony Piggy Banks:

Take a short, round plastic bottle and paint it pink to symbolize the body of a sumo wrestler using acrylic paint. With the cap on, use black paint to mark the hair, eyes and smile of the wrestler. Do the belt of the sumo wrestler with white paint and cut a slot on the back side of the bottle for the coins. An amazing and cute cartoony piggy bank is ready for your small wrestler at home.

Cartoony Piggy Banks

5. Turtle Piggy Bank:

Cut out the bottom half of a plastic bottle and place it over craft foam to mark its circumference. Once the circumference is marked, draw the legs and head of the turtle around it. Now attach the bottle to the foam using knitting thread by puncturing through the foam using a needle and attach a small button at the middle of the bottle. Cut a slot for coins on the underside of the foam and seal it using a removable flap. Add details of eyes, nose, mouth and legs for a perfect cartoony turtle to decorate your table.

Turtle Piggy Bank