5 Colourful Ways To Decorate Your House Without Using Paint

Everybody loves to decorate their house beautifully however big or small it is. Decorating the interiors takes a lot of creativity and innovation especially when you are not allowed to paint the walls yourself which is the case in most rented apartments and dorm rooms. In cases where you are not allowed to paint the walls decoration becomes very challenging so creativity in such cases is very much required. There are various colourful and innovative ways by which you can decorate your house without using paint.

Below Are  5 Colourful Ways To Decorate Your House Without Using Paint

1.Create Wall Art

Decorating the walls by using wall art is a very creative and colourful way to decorate your walls.  Nice and colourful paintings or framed prints always add a very nice and finished look to any interiors. The kind of wall art you love to do expresses the traits of your personality. You can add both small as well as large wall arts as per your requirements to add beauty and colour to your walls. If you are a creative person then you can even create your own wall art to beautify the walls

Create Wall Art

2. Floating Wall Shelves

Another very creative and beautiful way to decorate your walls without paints  is to use floating wall shelves or bookcases as that creates a very nice vertical appeal to your walls. Floating shelves not only adds beauty to your walls but also provides extra storage space as well. You can use floating bookshelves to either display you book collections or you can even display various show pieces or candle stands to make the interiors decorative and beautiful.

Floating Wall Shelves

3. Wall Graphics

Nice, cool and colourful wall graphics is also a very creative and innovative way to decorate the walls of your house. You can create your own wall graphic designs by using your own creativity and personalized style. You can easily get custom made wall graphics as well which is very easy to put as well. You can create these graphics on the drawing room walls or inside the rooms as well. Whether the designs are contemporary or classic these wall graphics look extremely beautiful and classy

Wall Graphics

4. Wall Decoration With Fabric

Wall decoration using fabrics is another very innovative wall decoration that you can create without using paint. You can easily customize the look of your walls as per your liking by using various fabrics. You can visit a giant fabric store and pick up the fabric along with the print as per your liking and create your own customized wall decoration. Always pick a fabric that is loved by you. If you have sewing skills then you can create various designs on the fabric itself by yourself and put up on the walls. This makes your room look really colourful and decorative.

Wall Decoration With Fabric

5.Put Up Vibrant Coloured Accessories

Put up innovative vibrant coloured accessories on your walls to beautify your walls without using paint.  If your walls are white then try and complement it with strong vibrant coloured accessories.  Hang vibrant and contemporary couloured accessories that will make your room bright and make it look exotic. Use wall accessories of different shades to give a vibrant feel to make your room look decorative.

Put Up Vibrant Coloured Accessories