5 Amazing DIY Ways To Reuse Your Old Dumped Towels In An Innovative Way!

Towels are usually one of the most underestimated items found in each and every household and once they got old or dumped, then people tends to transform them into dusters or tatters that can be remarkably used for cleaning purposes in your home. There is no contradiction to this fact that everything has certain time frame and after that it should be demolished for the safety of your health and towel is one such item at your home.

There are innumerable kinds of towels which we can use at our home which includes Beach Towels, Hand Towel, Bath Towel and many more. Once gets old, we used to dump them in a significant manner. Since it’s totally the age of DIY’s so there is always ample opportunities for assigning a completely new outlook to all the old and dumped items and thus utilizing them efficiently in a worthwhile manner. Highlighted below are 5 of such amazing ideas or concepts that solely aims at reusing the old-duped towels in an innovative and incredible manner at large. Let’s discuss them in detail, one-by-one:

1. Cushion Covers:

You can commendably enhance the outlook and interior décor of your living room by aiming for vibrant shades and alluring design patterns of the cushions. One such DIY design idea is to make the cushions at our home that matches-up well in accordance to the color of your furnishing besides efficaciously utilizing our old and abandoned towels.

This is really quite easy to make, what you have to do is note-down the precise dimensions of your cushions and then go ahead and cut and stitch the towels highly in matching with the dimensions of your cushions at large besides attaching either a zipper or hole buttons to seal-up the towel cushions in a momentous manner. Attaching the zipper or hole-buttons have another advantage as well that we can easily take them off as and when required so as to either put on a new pair of cushions or for washing purposes. To add more grace to it, you can also sew a designer ace or embroidered patch work alongside the border of the cushions in a commendable manner.

Cushion Covers

2. Carry-Travel Essentials:

While making a plan for either an excursion or for an outing, one needs to pack even the minutest assets with him. Big and un-organized carry bags tends to create a lot of mess besides the fact that it is almost impossible to trace out the precise location where you have dumped your requisite asset.

To deal with this prominent issue, one should always aim for compressed and compact packing that not only keeps all your accessories and assets organized but also makes them quite accessible as and when required. Some must-carry travel essential includes make-up tools and kits, lip shades, toothpaste, brushes and much more can be optimally carried along with you inside a towel-pouch, which you may have designed using an old and dumped towel at large.

Carry-Travel Essentials

3. Mop Head:

As the name suggests, mop head can also be based on DIY Concept and can be commendably utilized for attaching it relatively to the floor-wiper or also with a torn-off wiper whose padded base have almost got dilapidated.

What you are required to do is to just cut down the old-dumped towels highly in precision to the size of your floor-wiper and then stitch it strongly approximately 4-5 inches aloof of two corners in a magnificent manner. This type of cut and style stitching pattern then tends to make a small –pocket look-alike shape on both the corners of the towel. Now, just fit and place the padded base of the wipers inside the small pockets, so as to hold them quite firmly and gracefully. This homemade innovating mop can be taken-off with great ease and aids commendably in washing the floor before mopping it off.

Mop Head

4. For Iron Board Shields:

Iron board is one of the mostly used items at our place and moreover it is used on recurrent basis. Most of the time it has been visualized that after a certain time span, the original shield or cover of the iron board tends to lose its grace and polish. Here, you can commendably use your old-dumped towels and one of the most amazing and superlative way is to make incredibly beautiful and customized designer covers for the iron board. Don’t get bothered, even if you are not a professional in stitching and sewing, just go ahead and note down the appropriate dimensions of the iron board, and then chose the most optimum towel for it.

Initially, cut the old towel appropriately of the required dimension and always try to cut the towel piece in margin ahead of the required size, so as to make a pocket style shield or cover for your board. Now, with the help of thread and pointer, just sew the angles of the towel and then put it on your iron board to assign it a completely new and fab outlook.

For Iron Board Shields

5. Amazingly Stunning Aprons For The Newborn:

Another mot remarkable and amazing DIY usage of towel is to make unique and stunning aprons for the newborns. Since aprons are one of the most prominent items that are used mostly every day and besides this comes the fact that its recurrent washing tends to fade its color and hence depreciate its grace at larg.so, why to spend a hefty amounts on purchasing new aprons the every other month. Instead of that you can make an effective utilization of your old-dumped towel here and make alluring and fascinating designer aprons for your newborn.

What you are required to do is to pleat the towel and then embark it with a D shape, now cut the towel in this shape with a sharp and brittle scissor. Then unclutter it and your new apron is ready for the trial. To add more grace and eye-captivating outlook to it, just sew some designer patches alongside the apron and make a splendid quota of about 6-7 designer aprons at large.

Amazingly Stunning Aprons For The Newborn

So, friends what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and try these amazing DIY utilities for your day to day requirements by significantly using your old-dumped towels in quite an innovative and commendable way.