30 Mouth Watering Decorations On Cookies

Eating now a days is not only about hunger specially when it comes to appetizers, which we have most probably everyday, the passion to make more delicious and lucrative food is found in many of us, so you may love to make decorative snacks such as cookies which is our regular snacks and serve it with pride as it is being one of your creativity for others to savor.

1. Dressed Cookies:

Dress up your cookies with wavy lines of white cream, defining their face and dress on brown colored cookies that not only tasty also looks good.

Dressed Cookies

2. Flower:

These cookies look spectacular with the total thick layer of cream that too pink and yellow on flower shaped cookies showing distinctive buds colored in creamy yellow giving a charming look and taste.


3. Star Shaped Cookies:

Cookies that looks amazing in a small star shapes with hole in the center, two layers of cookies added jelly or jam in between the layers.

Star Shaped Cookies

4. Roses On Cookies:

Beautiful colorful roses of purple color and green leaves made on the cookies might resist you to eat, rather than watching it.

Roses On Cookies

5. Butterfly:

Always seen butterflies flying that too of different colors, so what about making cookies like butterflies of bright color layers of creams on it.


6. Ice Cream:

Ice cream cookies well it looks like ice cream, not is as cool as it, taste of the cookies increases with the get up, it makes appetizers interesting.

Ice Cream

7. Chocolate:

Decorate your cookies with a chocolaty layer half of the cookies are dark chocolate with crisps of nuts or chocolates drives you to have it at once.


8. Laces:

Decorate the whole of the cookies with beautiful lace designs with creams, of various colors is simply makes the cookies.


9. Snow Flakes:

Decorate cookies with a layer of cream snowflakes and over it with colorful floral designs, the white color of the cookies is extremely convincing.

Snow Flakes

10. Lion Cookies:

What about eating an animal that too a lion? Children have a crave for such type of cookies, so the creativity is on making the animal on the cookies.

Lion Cookies

11. Soccer:

Make cookies with the subject of soccer, most people loves soccer and so the jersey, ball and the shoes will make you crazy, about these cookies.


12. Fan:

Japanese fan cookies are can bring water to your mouth, with different layers and colors of creams laid over the cookies, cake pattern cookies that makes the set complete to savor.


13. Muffins:

What about a fairy tale in your cookies, that describes the world and dream of a small child or a boy, who would always like to have muffins even in cookies.


14. Chickens:

Well! Long time no chicken was in the meal, doesn’t matter have hens in the cookies, which you would like to have after a long break from the chicken meal.


15. Decorations:

Simple though eye catchy that will make you grasp the firm round cookies with your morning or evening tea, a layer of pink cream and a floral design, that is enough.


16. Christmas Cookies:

Celebrate your Christmas theme with the cookies, make a creamy santa clause, a penguin or a christmas tree and serve it on the eve of the christmas, this will make your evening more celebrating.

Christmas Cookies

17. Decorative Shape:

The main attraction to savor the cookies is the beautiful cookies design that is exclusive with a layer of black chocolate layer and the small flower, the simple form that will bring in desire to taste more.

Decorative Shape

18. Beautiful Designs:

The edge or circumference of the cookies is minutely designed with a white cream layer over the cookies and a design of a flower plant, served for you.

Beautiful Designs

19. Brown Cookies:

Who does not like the brown colors on cookies with few chocolates on it, makes it more delicious and above all the hard work to make it more attractive is the tiny decorative work done on it.

Brown Cookies

20. Skeletons:

Are you frightened of skeletons, so eat your fear in the form of colorful cookies, the skeletons do have a beautiful make over that will inspire you to have the cookies.


21. Bear:

How much do you love bears, the chocolate bear on the cookies can define your love for the cute bears, on a white background of cream, that will make you eat each and every time.


22. Shoes:

So, here is your shoe wardrobe, you cannot wear but yes can have them, they are cookies designed in the form of shoes, ballerina, high heels etc, whatever you may like, have it.


23. Married Couples:

Gift a newly married couple with such a beautiful set of cookies, full of love and blessings right from your heart as the form of cookies, wishing them a happy married life.

Married Couples

24. KFC:

KFC the most targeted place for the foodies who love to have their food, so why not have them at home, in the form of cookies, KFC at home, the finely designed cookies catches the eye and tongue of everyone..


25.Teapot And Cups:

Decorate your cookies with the beautiful outlines of tea pots and cups, decorate the cups and teapots  that makes you snacks time much more busy with your tea.

Teapot And Cups

26. Colorful Frogs:

You can only see and have colorful frogs on cookies of pastries, the frogs may not only be attractive to observe but at the same time the creamy layer will make it more tasty to finish it off.

Colorful Frogs

27. Laces On Heart:

The beautiful cut designs of the heart shape of small and big size, brown cookies with a layer of extra ordinarily decorated laces on it as a total will not allow you to it.

Laces On Heart

28. Fruits:

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! So what if you did not have apple in your breakfast, lets have it with an evening tea, the cookies are awesome to have with a piece of apple design.


29. Cartoons:

Children like cartoons whether on television or on the cookies, they will love to have it.


30. Rabbits:

Decorate the cookies with a white creamy texture to rabbits that are sweet and cute to see and sweet cookies to eat.