25 DIY Tin Cans Decorative Ideas

Tin cans are the mostly found in every house due to the available tin can products, the tin cans are not disposable products and you can use it in various ways to store food unless the tin is contaminated with rust and is unbreakable with long lasting capacity. The tins cans are one of the oldest material which are found in the market and can be used in various ways to decorate the house with the crafted tin cans and at the same time it helps in storing of household small materials.

1. Pen Stands:

Painted used tin cans of different beautiful colors can be used as pen stands that can be kept on the study tables, to store the collection of different types of pens.

Pen Stands

2. Wall Hang Pencil Stand:

Tin cans that may be colored or simply the tin color, a set of three or four cans can be clammed on the wall of the study room or library just above the study table and you can use the tin cans in storing pens, pencils, scales, etc. respectively.

Wall Hang Pencil Stand

3. Planters:

Plants of small sizes can be planted in the tin cans filled with soil and placed in the balconies or the entrance foyer, the tin cans may be painted with different colored art work designsthat looks attractive.


4. Ornamented Planters:

Make pretty designs or crafted words on the body of the tin cans by making small holes, the ornamented planters painted in colors look stunning as planters

Ornamented Planters

5. Wrapped With Wool:

Make a center piece by wrapping the tin can with woolen cover of white and put in it the artificial white small flowers making it as a flowers vase and keep it on the center of the side table or corner table in the living room

Wrapped With Wool

6. Vintage Wall Hangs:

Decorate the entrance foyer by the vintage tin can with a strong wire hooked to the can that works as a handle and hang on the wall with a pair of three on the walls on both sides in three rows.

Vintage Wall Hangs

7. Decorative Wall Hangs:

Make beautiful painted designs on the body of the cans such as beautiful flowers paints, birds and below the can edge are attached to different sizes of beads hanged on the wall.

Decorative Wall Hangs

8. Painted Tin Cans:

Painted tin cans with the ingredients name to be stored can be kept on the tray, keep the tins with lids on the tray or shelf and keep it in the kitchen use the ingredients from the cans without getting confused while cooking.

Painted Tin Cans

9. Fabric Covered Tin Cans:

Cut a printed fabric to the size of the tin can  and paste it on the body of the tin can and if is ready for use as a storing place for various small items.

Fabric Covered Tin Cans

10. Wall Paper Covered Tin Cans:

Cover  the body of the tin can with beautiful printed wall papers and put beautiful faux made flowers with leaves in the can, ready as  an display item.

Wall Paper Covered Tin Cans

11. Racked Hanging Planters:

The silver color painted planters hooked with same color wire handles are excellent  as hanging planters or fixed planters in the racks.

Racked Hanging Planters

12. Garden Lights:

Ornamented tin cans with rust or brown covering can be placed on the stands in the pathway of the garden or front open space with small LED lights inside gives a beautiful appearance

Garden Lights

13. Crafted Night Lamp Shade:

Cut and make beautiful crafts on the body of the tin can and paint it with two bright color and fit a light with stand , lamp shade is ready that is easy to maintain  and  has a great look.

Crafted Night Lamp Shade

14. Candle Holders:

Make two tiered candle holder stand by attaching two tin cans on the bamboo stand crafted into various beautiful designs by making holes and place the colorful wax candles in the tin cans.

Candle Holders

15. Candle Stands:

Make holes on the tin cans and paint it with glossy paints with acrylic sealer as it easily may not scratch and gives a highly impressive outlook.

Candle Stands

16. Wreaths Tin Made:

Make wreaths of tin can painted in a dark oily or glossy bright colors, and hang it on the wall of the boundary in every few distances.

Wreaths Tin Made

17. Can Drawer Organizer:

Cut number of tin cans in lower heights about four inches from below and place inside the drawer, keep the small or tiny required hairpins, buttons and other minor objects separately in the can.

Can Drawer Organizer

18. Tin Can To Water Small Planters:

Tin cans are used for the watering of  small plants, holes are made in the tin cans and handles of wire made, attached to the can and the water filled with covered lid and thus used in watering of plants.

Tin Can To Water Small Planters

19. Four Tiered Can Stand:

Make a decorative four tiered can stand  with a larger can below as base and bamboo and the smaller cans attached to the bamboo stand and keep it on any table and used it for displaying various stones.

Four Tiered Can Stand

20. Piggy Bank:

Make a hole on the lid of the tin can such that coins can enter, and paint the tin can beautifully and is ready as your piggy bank.

 Piggy Bank

21. Pedestal For Candles:

You can use tin cans as pedestals for lighted candles, the tin can should be of artistic designs with dark colored paints that makes the lighted candles more attractive.

22. Fruit Stand:

Paste old steel plates on the tin can and one plate below the tin can and paint it  beautifully , thus place it in the dining table with fruits on the steel plate tin can stand.

Fruit Stand

23. Pendants:

Make pendant for the lights in the kitchen and in the dining hall or the entrance foyer, by making holes and on the other hand color the tin cans properly.


24. Hanging Tin Can Storage:

Hang the painted tin cans with the wire handles on the walls of the kitchen to store small items.

Hanging Tin Can Storage

25. Planters In The Garden Pole:

Dig a garden pole in the garden and place colorful tin cans with colorful bunches of flowers  fixed spirally throughout the pole looks excellent  at the outdoor, open space in the garden.

Planters In The Garden Pole