21 Worthwhile Plastic Wrap Hacks That You Should Definitely Know

Worthwhile Plastic Wrap Hacks

Plastic wraps were invented long ago and are widely used in the kitchens to cover up any food remains. But, the plastic wrap is multifunctional and has several uses that will surprise you. Other than covering foods, they can be used in beauty, painting, improving fruit’s shelf life and much more each of which can make your life better.

Here Is A List Of Plastic Wrap Hacks That Are Worthy:

1. Prevent Leakage

Storing toiletries in a bathroom or while taking on a journey, packed in a bag can cause spills. But, these bottles cannot be avoided from using. Instead, they can be stored securely without spills with the help of the plastic wrap. Cut a piece of plastic wrap from the roll and place it on the lid of the bottles and close with the cap. You can now be free to take it anywhere.

Prevent Leakage

2. Cover Tool Handles For Grip

Almost all the garden cleaning tools come with a long handle made of either plastic, wood or any other material. Handling it for a long time can be tiresome as it often slips; also, holding it in hand can cause you blisters in the palms. All of these can be avoided by wrapping a little of the plastic wrap to the handle of your garden tools.

Cover Tool Handles For Grip

3. Keep The Soil Moist

Whenever you try to grow a new plant, potting it in a suitable container and maintaining it without getting dried is mandatory. So, place your seedlings in a tiny pot and fill it with the soil. Water it to adequate amount so that it is moist. Now cover the pots with the plastic wraps and place it in the garden. This will help in keeping the soil retain moisture and help in creating the required humidity for the seeds to germinate.

Keep The Soil Moist

4. Avoid Messy Paint Stains In The Brushes

Using a paint brush and painting a wall or furniture is an easy job. However, soon after you finish painting, the task of cleaning the paints stuck in the brushes will make you hate painting. This can be avoided by covering the paint brushes with a plastic wrap and performing the paint job. Once done, remove the wrap and your brush will be mess free.

Avoid Messy Paint Stains In The Brushes

5. Make Wrinkled Paint Patterns

Instead of painting the walls in a normal design, crumble the plastic wrap to form wrinkles in it and cover it to the paint roller. Dip it in the paint and start painting to achieve a wrinkled design in your walls.

Make Wrinkled Paint Patterns

6. Avoid Ripening Of Bananas

In general, the bananas have the tendency to keep ripening even if you store it airtight. Ripening more than an extent will make the bananas look ugly and spoil the taste. To prevent this, carefully wrap plastic wraps on their stem, so as to slow down the process, and keep them fresh.

Avoid Ripening Of Bananas

7. Prevent Ingredients Sticking To The Measuring Cups

The measuring cups have the tendency to stick the wet or dry ingredients being measured with it. This can be avoided by covering the measuring cups with the plastic wraps before taking it to measure. After every use, the plastic sheet can be removed and your measuring cups will stay new always.

Prevent Ingredients Sticking To The Measuring Cups

8. Seal Windows For Insulation

There are rooms in every house that have windows with sealing defects. Placing pieces of plastic wrap to the cracks will seal the windows perfectly. Also, the windows can be covered with a large plastic wrap sheet to maintain the temperate of the room.

Seal Windows For Insulation

9. Cover Storage Box While Transportation

Transporting things even when placed properly will definitely cause damage to the items. But, if you opt to cover the boxes or trays with plastic wraps, it will make the job much easier and damage free.

Cover Storage Box While Transportation

10. Avoid Freezer Burn Of Ice Creams

Ice creams generally have the tendency to crystallize when placed in the freezer. This can be avoided by placing a piece of plastic wrap over the ice cream and sealing the container tightly.

Avoid Freezer Burn Of Ice Creams

11. Make Gift Bags

Making surprises will bring more excitement when they are covered neatly with a plastic wrap. Also, if you have lots of gifts, then cover everything to form a big bag of gift.

Make Gift Bags

12. Fridge Shelf Liner

Fridge trays are always tough to clean with spills of food items here and there. Line your shelves with the plastic wraps and place the foodstuff over it. In the case of spills, you will only have to remove the plastic wrap and not the tray.

13. Remove Adhesive Remains

The sticky labels on the utensils or any other thing are not easy to remove unless you use a plastic wrap. With a wet sponge, make the sticky area damp. Stick a plastic wrap to it and leave it for a while. Then, remove it along with the label and also the stickiness.

14. Get Rid Of Blackheads

Blackheads are one of the common beauty problems in the youngsters. Instead of using harsh chemicals to remove it, rub the area with petroleum jelly and stick plastic wrap to it. Once you peel the wrap away, you can see the blackheads vanish too.

Get Rid Of Blackheads

15. Electronics Cover

Every electronics item in the house have to be maintained free from dust to get a long life. So, cover it neatly with a plastic wrap and get rid of the dust accumulation on the costly electronics.

Electronics Cover

16. On The Go Cups

Holding an open cup with hot or cold drinks while you travel will bring trouble of spilling. This can be prevented by covering the cup with a plastic wrap and inserting a straw into it. No more spills!

17. Trap Fruit Flies

Fruit flies can be annoying in every household. Trapping them can be done easily by placing a piece of sweet or fruit inside a cup and covering it with a plastic wrap. Make a small hole to the cup so that the fruit flies enter into the trap and cannot exit.

Trap Fruit Flies

18. Marble Nails Effect

Painting nails in different styles is a trend. Use a ball of plastic wrap and dab the nails with them. This will create a marble like an effect on your nails.

Marble Nails Effect

19. Perfect Shapes Of Crafts

When making arts and crafts using clay or when making cookies, the corners never come rounded perfectly. By using a plastic wrap as a cover over the cookie dough or on the clay and then cutting it with a mold will fetch you perfect edges.

20. Make Poached Egg

Making poached eggs is an art. This can be mastered by pouring an egg into the plastic wrap and twisting it tightly to form a pouch. Put it into the boiling water and you will get softly poached eggs.

Make Poached Egg

21. Homemade Sausages

Who said sausages can only be purchased from stores? They can also be made at home with the similar texture that you get from the stores. All you have to do is to mince meat and roll it carefully in a plastic wrap and knot it at the end.

Homemade Sausages