20 DIY Ideas for Reusing Old Drawers

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drawer reuse

Throwing away drawers of an unwanted dresser, desk, cabinet or cupboard is often a missed opportunity to create functional and aesthetically usable and decorative items for your home. Tossing them into landfill is quite a waste of nice sturdy wood. You can make something interesting out of them. There are several ways to repurpose these old drawers. They can be used as great storage units, a shelving unit by attaching them to the wall with the help of screws and L-bracket for holding towels or bathroom accessories in the bathroom or organizing your kid’s toys. You can also use these drawers for under the bed shoe storage or as a bed for your pet. This way you can do something nice and beautiful with these old drawers and also contribute to the environment. Here are some cute and nice ideas to help you transform these old drawers into something new and useful.

20 DIY Ideas for Reusing Old Drawers


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