19 Beautiful DIY Bird Feeder For Your Garden

Bird feeder are generally to feed birds but it increases the lucrative nature of the garden if few innovative and different form of the bird feeders can be easily made through various ideas including small to small wanted or unwanted things. Various shapes and sizes along with hanging or placed in a platform every sort of feeder can be made for your garden the open flying birds. If the bird feeders are attractive then the birds gets attracted easily and decorative bird feeders make your garden more beautiful along with the plants and flowers within the garden area.

1. Cup Bird Feeder:

Use beautiful cups and plates on a stand or a post, that is one of the easily available in less expense that looks great in the garden for the birds.

Cup Bird Feeder

2. Terracotta Bird Feeder:

Attach a terracotta plate to a pot and a plate on the top to cover the pot of small size hang it anywhere in the garden or place it on a stand.

Terracotta Bird Feeder

3. Tin Cans:

Take a tin can of a small or medium size, paint it with beautiful colors and patterns to attract birds, tie it in the middle of the tin can and hang it to tree branch.

Tin Cans

4. Flower Beds Bird Feeder:

Make a nest like bed and plant beautiful flowers on the nest, hang the nest or place it anywhere in the garden.

Flower Beds Bird Feeder

5. Chicken Wire:

Attach a cylindrical chicken wire mesh on a plate fill the chicken wire with food and cover it with a plate made of terracotta.

Chicken Wire

6. Hanged Cup:

A plain white color cup and plate set that is beautifully painted and the cup is inverted attached to the plate such that the food can be easily eaten and the handle if the cup is hanged.

Hanged Cup

7. Colored Metal Plate:

Take a large hollow metal plate and fill it with water and food for birds.,place it on the stand in your garden.

Colored Metal Plate

8. Bird Feeder Stand:

Make a beautiful bird feeder stand by placing flower tops filled with flowers and at the top a wooden platform attached to the stand , above the stand is placed the plate or bowl for the birds.

Bird Feeder Stand

9. Glass Made Bird Feeder:

Take a set of creative glass made pot and plate attach the pot to the plate , tie wire at both the cup or pot handle and hang it, the plate and pot made of glass is full of creative design.

Glass Made Bird Feeder

10. Clay Made Feeder:

Take a clay made pumpkin like pot or clay made vegetables if  any ,good looking place it on the stand in the garden

Clay Made Feeder

11. Iron Racks:

Take a iron rack place glass bowls of same size, the lower filled with water, the middle is filled with food and the top is used as the cover for the food and water, finally hang the rack in the branch or place it in the stand.

Iron Racks

12. Tea Pot:

Attach the tea pot on the wall and fill the tea pot with grains, the tea pot can act as a shelter during rainy days. The tea pot should be dark in color to attract birds.

Tea Pot

13. Wooden Shade:

Make a wooden hut or house type of bird feeder where the slope roof acts as a shade and the wooded platform below is the place for food or grains for birds, it can be fixed or hanged on the wall, the front look is like a small house.

Wooden Shade

14. Lampshades:

Take the old lampshade from of different shapes and sizes, be sure it has enough space for food storage, tied it in the middle and hang it to the branch of the tree.


15. Branch:

Cut a small branch and make the space inside with an open for the birds to feed themselves, make two hooks at each end to hang the bird feeder.


16. Wire Wreath:

Make a round shade bird feeder by rolling over it the thick wire throughout such that the space is kept the birds can take out their food. Wrap the wire over a thick round wire.

Wire Wreath

17. Paint Glass Stand:

Glass made stand like glass feeder that can be placed in the garden that looks beautiful because of etched glass work.

 Paint Glass Stand

18. Trays:

Fix a number of old tin trays on the tree without the garden and fill it with food grains , one of the fast and easiest form of making bird feeder.


19. Decorative Container:

Take small tin made container and paint it beautifully add few hanging decorative beads at the bottom of the container make holes for hanging it on the branch.

Decorative Container