18 Best Stone Pathway Ideas For Your House

We all try to decorate our houses in the best possible ways, but very few of us try to work on the pathways. The pathways are equally important. This is because, those who do not enter the house are only able to see its outer beauty. So, they should get a good picture of our house by what they see. This is what we want, right? To live in a beautiful place.

Here Are Some Good Ideas For Pathways That You Can Try:

1. The Stepping Stone Butterflies:

Butterflies are very beautiful creatures. You can take their beauty i.e their colourful wings, as an idea to make your pathways attractive. This looks like a very beautiful combination of colourful stones which are set together to form butterflies. You can try this pathway by making patterns of butterflies separated at small  distances.


The Stepping Stone Butterflies

2. Multi Shaped Pathway:

You can make your pathway look attractive by using stepping stones of different shapes. This one complements autumn season. It has stepping stones with leaves of different shapes and they are placed in a random manner to represent the leaves shedded from trees.

Multi Shaped Pathway

3. Playing Cards:

If you like playing cards, then you would really like this one. You can use stepping stones to show your area of interest. Place playing card shaped stepping stones some distance apart to form the pathway. It will definitely look classy. If you dont want to use the stepping stones directly on grass, then you can form a background of small pebbles having contrasting colours and adjust the stepping stones in it.

Playing Cards

4. The Decent Style:

Sometimes the most decent style looks the most beautiful. This is one of them. If you have a garden area in front of your house then you can try something like this. The entire pathway is covered with strips of grass at regulat intervals. The colour of grass is complementing the pathway and is making it eye-catchy.

The Decent Style

5. The Simple Circles:

This is another decent design which is simple, but is equally good. The path is covered with designed circular stones of two different sizes and each big stone is accompanied by a smaller one. The pattern is simple and beautiful.

The Simple Circles

6. The Pebble Pattern:

Not at all simple, but very beautiful. This is a pattern formed by small pebbles of different coloures. All the different coloured pebbles used here match with each other and are used in such a way that they give an effect of a painting. The inner most pebbles are white, followed by light grey, and then the light blue, followed by darker shade of blue and so on.

The Pebble Pattern

7. The Rectangular Pathway:

This is another simple style, but looks very impressive. The reddish colour in the base looks perfect with the black coloured rectangular stones. The pathway is made with black rectangular stones placed in half alternates, surrounded by small pebbles.

The Rectangular Pathway

8. Little Hearts:

Show love for your house with these heart shaped stepping stones. Once placed, they would just look perfect. Place them at equal distance and form a beautiful pathway for your home.

Little Hearts

9.The Leaves:

Leafy patterns always match with the grass in the base. If you have to make a pathway using stepping stones over grass, you can consider this one. It totally goes with the garden theme. Get leaf shapped stepping stones and place them in a random fashion, forming a path for your house.

The Leaves

10. The Flip Flops:

These flip flop stepping stones have different colours in them and they would surely make a beautiful pathway. Also, using such a different shape to form a pathway is a very different and unique idea. I am sure, everyone who sees them, would love them. Dont forget to make them colourful because the colours are making them attractive.

The Flip Flops

11. The Message Stones:

A very good idea for a pathway. You can personalise your pathway with different messages, any good quotes, or anything that you want them to say. To make them attractive, you can add some messaged stones between the plane ones. So, some parts of the pathways would have a message written on them.

The Message Stones

12. Crazy Spirals:

Very colourful design which has various small spirals and each spiral is a combination of different coloured pebbles. These different colours make the design more attractive and noticeable. Along with small pebbles, the pattern also contains spirals made with small stones. These combinations of different stones and different colours avoid redundancy in the design.

Crazy Spirals

13. The Broken Stones:

This is a very creative design. Large frustum shaped stones have different design patterns. Each large stone has a different pattern from the other and each pattern is very colourful. Every frustum has a combination of different colours of stone and is placed in a uniform manner throughout the distance. Looks like a piece of modern art.

The Broken Stones

14. Planks And Pebbles:

You can also try this pathway. A base of white pebbles, covered by rectangular planks of wood. The best part of the pathway is the small bushes that are uniformly placed on either side. These make the path unique and beautiful.

Planks And Pebbles

15. Continued Design:

The design on different stones is a continuation of the previous one. You can try something like this as well. An image or a pattern which is made in continuation on separated stones. People use wall paintings which have the same concept, you can bring the concept to pathways.

Continued Design

16. The Beautiful Peacock:

Peacock is the most beautiful bird and so is this pathway. It is an image of a peacock made with various coloured pebbles. You can get this peacock made somewhere in the middle of an entire pathway. The remaining path can be covered with a pattern of smilar colored stones.

The Beautiful Peacock

17. Numbered Stepping Stones:

You can also try some meaningful stepping stones like the ones that have counting, alphabets, special symbols on them. These would look a little different than the usual ones. Taking an example, you can have different stepping stones where each stone has a family member’s birthdate on it, or maybe you can just have the counting from 1 to 10 written on them.

Numbered Stepping Stones

18. Indian Art:

This looks like Indian Art, a combination of different Mehndi designs which are commonly used in India. But, the entire pathway is a combination of different designs and there is no repetition. It looks like a continuous pattern.

Indian Art


These are some the best ways to make the stone pathways in front of your house. I am sure they will increase the beauty of your house.