16 DIY Coffee Tables That Look Great But Do Not Break The Bank

Various things are left in your house that can be used to make something unique and extra ordinarily beautiful thing, the coffee table made of various materials, through this rustic handmade coffee tables, many people like to have a different and sophisticated appearance to the room.

The coffee table made of certain material gives it a natural and vintage look, that makes your room attractive which is differential to any other form of modern decorative coffee tables, finally emphasis to a sumptuous or splendid decorative room.

1. Window Frames:

Do you have old window frames in your house left aside in a corner, use it as a coffee table, place it in the living room attach the glass within the window frame and keep it on the small table, the table as a whole looks amazing, giving your living room a different look and finally making your space attractive

Window Frames

2. Beverage Trays:

Old beverage or any other trays of small sizes are sometimes left as a wastage, so collect the trays in pairs and place it on the table, make your coffee table an attractive display unit, place various kind of showpieces within the trays and cover it with the clear glass, which is one more creative exception for your room.

Beverage Trays

3. Wooden Windows:

Often your old wooden window panels are left, they are no more in use, so simply you can use the small window panels in your living room, place it on a small table cover it with a equally measured clear glass, the total center table looks marvelous with the old wooden texture in the coffee table.

Wooden Windows

4. Chest As Your Coffee Table:

Every house more or less have a chest in their house which once was used to store clothes and essential things in it, now due to various new modern storage furniture chest are of less use now, so the gorgeous and long lasting chest can be used in the living room for the extraordinary fine texture in it as a center table that will give your room extravaganza.

Chest As Your Coffee Table

5. Wooden Doors:

Old wooden entrance doors of dark hard wood color, the panels can be used in large sitting area, the table is required in larger or longer format, place the door panel on thick wooden stands of two or three this is a unique form of interior decoration that will give your room an astonishing effect.

Wooden Doors

6. Suitcase:

A vintage suitcase one of the most extra ordinary beautiful object, simply making holes at four points and attach the legs to it, the best part is the suitcase, where you can store things or keep things hidden inside as well as the top can be used as a center table or coffee table.


7. Cable Rolls:

Cable roller one mostly thrown into the waste bin, can be utilized as a beautiful circular table with the storage or display placed below, executes an unique coffee table or corner table placed at the side of your bed to relax and enjoy your reading or as center table to store books for our guests.

Cable Rolls

8. Crates:

Simple wooden crates that are used in storing fruits can be used in making an excellent coffee table, with the attachment of the number of crates together that also makes a very spacious storage where you can keep magazines, books or any other showpieces, if you want you can give coats of paints to make it more lucrative.


9. Bunch Of Tree Branches:

Lots of tree stumps are found to be on the ground of your garden, cut few pieces of tree stumps of equal sizes in bundles and tie it tightly with rope, if you want you can color the stumps and place in the living room with the glass on the bunch of tree stumps as coffee table, the glass can be circular or rectangular.

Bunch Of Tree Branches

10. Metallic Suitcase:

Vintage metallic suitcase that creates an exceptional view  and above all the exact use of the old suitcase that is acts as a low height center or coffee table, and again a space for storage inside the suitcase, the unfinished touch and look shows an antique identity.

Metallic Suitcase

11. Tree Stumps With The Coat Of Paint:

A big diameter tree stump painted in different colorful coats of paints, of different height can be placed in the living room as corner tables, place lamps or other show pieces and tree stump made center table or coffee table can be placed in sitting area that will give a feel of nature within your room.

Tree Stumps With The Coat Of Paint

12. Wooden Pallets:

Repurposed wooden pallets can be used to decor your room with lights inside, the illumination by the wooden pallets gives creative and wonderful atmosphere that anyone will enjoy whether in the living room or study room. The wooden pallets can be colored into dark colors that will add an extra effect in the decor.

Wooden Pallets

13. Natural Texture Of Tree Stumps:

Gather texture tree stumps and attach it on the boards with wheels, it is totally a fantastic form of table as tree stump bundles are heavy so the wheel attached on the boards helps it from moving the table from one place to another, so that you can use the table in any rooms of your house.

Natural Texture Of Tree Stumps

14. Vintage Cupboard:

Old cupboards that you have are not much in use, can be used as coffee table, remove the door panels of the cupboard and the both sides panel acts as stand, the rear part of the cupboard as the table top, on if you have old or wasted cupboards in your house give your living room a unique look  with the cupboard.

Vintage Cupboard

15. Door On Wheels:

You can reuse your wooden wasted door in the form of center table, color the door with any suitable color you will like, attach wheels to the door, it becomes a low height table that can be moved from one place to another.

Door On Wheels

16. Box On The Wheels:

Drawers or boxes can be repurposed by attaching them to the wheels cover it with the clear glass and it is ready as a low height coffee table, place it in the sitting area or the living area wherever it is required, it is small, cute and unique.

Box On The Wheels