16 Decorous Stone Pathways For Your Garden

16 Decorous Stone Pathways For Your Garden

The garden requires a pathway, if the pathway can be made through stone then it becomes one of the beautiful pathway with durability, so there are various pathways made of stone which are mentioned below:-

1. Sand:

Pathways for an outdoor where much of material arrangements are not possible then the pathways can be made by laying the sand throughout the demarcated path and keeping in mind that the sand should be wet and if possible rammed and the garden stone should be placed, this is a best method of preparing a pathway in a limited material availability and is a convenient form of pathway to be used for walking.


2. Pebbles:

The pebbles can be used as a designing material in the making of pathway, the pebbles should be of small sizes to be laid around the garden stones. The stones placed at an average stepping distance, the empty space can be filled with the pebbles, the can be so laid that it makes good designs, the pathway looks excellent  and walking is comfortable in rainy season also because there is no stacking of water


3. Small Flag Stones And Pebbles:

Flag stones are the stones available in various sizes and thickness, which are placed in the open space to make a pathway, placed in a row without keeping any distance gives a wonderful aesthetic pathway where the sides are covered by pebbles of small size, which not only drains water but keeps the pathway clean from waste materials of flowers or plants, it is a decent layout with a thought of improved pathway.

Small Flag Stones And Pebbles


4. Soil And Flowers With Flagstone:

Design the garden pathway with beautiful attractive colorful flowers, laying in between the flagstone at a distance where one stone is placed away from another. The broad path with three rows of flagstone placed parallel and the colorful flowers are planted in the soil, the broad pathway flagstones are laid on the soil gives a natural outlook with various approach to the atmosphere and best as a pathway to the garden.

Soil And Flowers With Flagstone

5. Grass Garden Stone:

The open space is full of grown green grasses then simply place the garden stone while making a pathway to your backyard or places where pathway is required very rare, this is one of the simplest and beautiful pathway which is full of greenery, the pathway has to be maintained by cutting of grasses which grow after every intervals.

Grass Garden Stone

6. Colorful Stone Pathway:

One of the aesthetic pathway is the stone pathway made of colorful flagstones. The look of the pathway can be designed into various way by the colorful flagstone , you can play with the color of the flagstones while laying on the ground or demarcated pathway, this gives extremely a stylish pathway.

Colorful Stone Pathway

7. Cobbles Stones:

Cobble stones are also of various types, shapes and sizes, apart from flagstone and garden stone, only the cobbles stone can make a glamorous pathway of various broad or narrow and can be used in laying of stone in various kind of design horizontally, vertically or circular, every form the cobble stones are applicable.

Cobbles Stones

8. Both Side Garden Stones And Cobble Stone Designs:

The garden stones placed in the center of the pathway  and colorful cobbles of smaller sizes  on both the side of pathway that is laid to form various attractive design which not only forms a beautiful pathway but the pathway is made broad by the placement of cobbles on both the sides.

Both Side Garden Stones And Cobble Stone Designs

9. Flag Stone Layout Of Different Sizes:

Similar sizes of flagstone execute a particular type of pathway, but if you want a difference in the look of the way then flagstones of more larger can be placed which makes the pathway more eye catchy and at the same time shortage of similar sizes of flagstone can be managed along with creating a design to the pathway.

Flag Stone Layout Of Different Sizes

10. Colorful Pebbles:

Decorate your pathway with colorful pebbles, various sizes of pebbles small, larger or medium to form various circular designs or any other form, whatever it may be pebbles provides an extremely new with style pathways which make you feel more auspicious while walking through the pathway with green plants at the edge.

Colorful Pebbles

11. Stone Edge:

Colorful pebbles makes wonderful artistic designed pathway that can be provide with an edge of the flagstone, it makes the pathway attractive and broad.

Stone Edge

12. Mixture Of Flagstone And Garden Stone:

Design your garden pathway with the combination of flagstone and garden stone together, place garden stones at the edge and flagstones in  the center, this fulfills the shortage of stones if any and at the same time provides a beautiful designed pathway which is durable and requires less maintenance.

Mixture Of Flagstone And Garden Stone

13. Rock Edging Garden Stone Pathway:

Bind the edge of the garden stone pathway by rocks which gives a natural rocky atmosphere and at the same time the pathway can be prepared in short span of time without any intervals and can be easily in your budget, the garden stone and rock edging together are durable specially when less maintenance is possible in large gardens.

Rock Edging Garden Stone Pathway

14. Stepping Stone With Cobblestone Edge:

Stepping stone of various sizes that are placed for making a pathway are bounded by cobblestones, the cobblestones gives an innovative design to the pathway along with it is assumed to be durable and can provide the garden landscaping a new form. The pathway instigates people to comeliness and to enjoy  the garden with nature.

Stepping Stone With Cobblestone Edge

15. Stepping Stone With Flower Edge:

The pathway of stepping stone with  flower edge requires a long span of time but at the same time it is one of the most lucrative pathways formed . The stepping stones of similar sizes are laid with colorful flowers and plants on the either sides or edges of the path gives a define and decorous pathway

Stepping Stone With Flower Edge

16. Stepping Stone With Gravels:

The fastest form of making a pathway is the stepping stone with gravels of smaller sizes on both the side, despite of being a fast process it is one of the durable pathways where you can utilize it in the backyard garden of your house.

Stepping Stone With Gravels