15 Ideas For Black And White Bathroom

Black and white, favorite colors of many people. I am sure it’s your favorite colors too. Black and white is classy in nature and totally reflects your personality. Black and white look perfect together. It’s the best choice for your wardrobe as well as for your bathroom. You can add a dash of red, golden and gray colors on your black and white bathroom to make it look more elegant. In order to help you all, I am giving some wonderful ideas for your black and white bathrooms.

1. Stylish Bathroom Cabinets:

You can use pale or warm toned cabinets with some unique textures for your black and white bathroom. Choose this stylish looks rather than boring and contemporary look.

Stylish Bathroom Cabinets

2. Modern Patterns:

If you love monochromes, go for it. Simply choose different shapes and sizes of patterned porcelain floor tiles and contrast them with mini glass tiles near the shower floor.

 Modern Patterns

3. Bathroom Window Treatment:

You can simply draw attention towards an unwanted or unusual part of the bathroom by incorporating a rich gray window pattern or mural on the wall. This will add a fun touch to your classic black and white bathroom.

Bathroom Window Treatment

4. Charcoal Tiles:

Add charcoal tiles on the wall around the tub and sink area for a contemporary and cozy look. Complete the look with chrome taps and a touch of red would give it a classy touch.

Charcoal Tiles

5. Bathroom Accessories:

Add some interest on your boring and plain walls with some sleek accessories like funky and scented candles and classy monochromatic black and white towels.

Bathroom Accessories

6. Dramatic Black and White Bathrooms:

You can add some dramatic features to your bathroom including deep-sided, angular bathtubs and some unusual textures on the plain walls. Complete the whole dramatic look with funky accessories like ladder shelves and chandeliers.

Dramatic Black and White Bathrooms

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7. Spa-Styled Bathrooms:

Convert your normal bathroom into a spa-style bathroom by separating the shower area and covering the floor and ceiling with same tiles. Also, use warm lighting to the shower area.

Spa-Styled Bathrooms

8. Wallpapers:

You can use wallpapers on your bathroom wall to give it a classy yet funky look. To protect the wall from any damage cover the wallpapered area with glass screens or simply apply varnish over the wallpaper.


9. Mono-chromed Sink or Basin Walls:

Create a monochromatic wall with black and white wallpapers around the basin or sink. For an elegant hotel styled look, team it up with different accessories like patterned towels and mirrors.

Mono-chromed Sink or Basin Wall

10. Leather Finish Wall:

To give your bathroom a glamorous look, add vinyls embossed crocodile skin to your bathroom walls. Team up the look with some brass fittings to enhance the look.

 Leather Finish Wall

11. Graphical Bathroom:

Add some fun by mixing some illustrative graphical pattern to your boring looking black and white tiles.

 Graphical Bathroom

12. Floral Bathrooms:

Add monochromatic smudgy charcoal and smooth white designed wallpapers for a sophisticated and feminine look.

 Floral Bathrooms

13. Photographic Bathrooms:

To give your bathroom a bold and classic look, add a black and white photograph on your bathroom wall.

 Photographic Bathrooms

14. Stripe Tiled Bathrooms:

Create stripes on your bathroom wall with large and bold tiles and add some more drama and fun by covering it from floor to ceiling completely.

Stripe Tiled Bathrooms

15. Cutesy Curtains:

Make your black and white bathroom look modern with a touch of pink. Black and pink look great together. You can add some more styling with patterned black and white curtains.

 Cutesy Curtains

These are the few ideas for your black and white bathroom.­