14 Sleek Lighted Shelves And Cabinets To Decor Walls

There are various products that can be used to decor your rooms, precisely few simple utility objects that are useful and at the same time are decorative, lights and light fixtures that are used to lighten the area or object but also beautifies or decors the room, LED, spotlights or many other form of lights are available that endures an ambience to the atmosphere. Thereby LED lights and spotlights are much more convenient in uses along with brightening the area. Now a days lights are fixed to the objects such as the glass shelves or within the cabinets to increase the showiness by making a highlight on the furniture and the attractive display on it, various colorful lighted shelves are seen in decorations used in different purposes which are discussed below

1. Bar Rack Lights:

Decor your home bar with the LED striped light shelves, the lighted shelves delivers a soothing environment, the emerging lights may be of blue or red or any other color from fixtures of light fixed below the glass made shelves within the bar zone making the space entertaining.

Bar Rack Lights

2. Bathroom Rack Lights:

Bathroom can be decorated with such beautiful LED lighted shelves that will emphasis a decent and flourished decoration and at the same time can be treated as a storage space for toiletries these shelves encourages a better form of interior designing even in your bathroom.

Bathroom Rack Lights

3. Bedroom Lights:

Fascinating interior designs can be done through various creative light fixtures placed in the shelves when you want an elegant bedroom, where the LED lights play role in auspicious decoration of the bedroom with beautiful colorful lights running throughout the room at in darkness.

Bedroom Lights

4. Book Shelves Multicolored Lights:

Big book shelves with colorful LED lights attached to the shelves placed in your study room or sitting room, it breaks the monotonous outlook of the book shelves with a decorative feature applied to the shelves, open shelves or glass paneled shelves with different colorful lights.

Book Shelves Multicolored Lights

5. Entertainment Unit Lights:

Imagine a huge living room with a huge entertainment unit and lengthy glass shelves or glass shelves of various sizes on which the LED striped lights are added to increase the intensity of the appearance of the entertainment unit. This makes the displayed items clearly visible along with stylish looks of the shelves due to the lights.

Entertainment Unit Lights

6. Fire Place Rack Lights:

The spotlights fixed in the fire place below the shelves if placed above the fire pit and above the shelves to make the proper visual of the displayed items placed on the shelf, above all the spotlights creates a beautiful architectural view of the interiors, spotlights can be replaced by striped LED lights.

Fire Place Rack Lights

7. Office Book Shelves Lights:

Home office must have a huge cabinet for the storage of different types of books, the books can be displayed with the flourishing monotonous lights of LED lights, gives a spontaneous and lucrative appearance to the shelves and interior decoration of the office room.

Office Book Shelves Lights

8. Entrance Foyer Lights:

Entrance foyer can be decorated with such form of lighted shelves with a wavy background of etched glass, the shiny appearance of the glass makes the shelves more sleek and the clear visibility of the displayed items even in dim lights renders it eminently.

Entrance Foyer Lights

9. Entrance Lobby Lights:

Entrance lobby can be decorated with beautiful led glass racks, these glass racks or shelves are very small and simple but something innovative is present in such types of the led racks that produces light or the emitted that lightens the entrance pathway and at the same time renders the entrance foyer.

Entrance Lobby Lights

10. Kitchen Rack Lights:

Lighted racks are generally not seen much in the kitchens, though it produces a beautiful dazzling effect to the kitchen, it brings in a variation in the interior decoration of the kitchen. The LED lighted racks can be used in storage of the sleek ceramic bottles where spices or ingredients are stored for cooking, it gives an extravagant effect.

Kitchen Rack Lights

11. Living And Dining Room Lights:

Living room or dining room can be decorated with sleek LED lighted racks, that will not only lighten the area but can make a difference in the interior decoration and beautiful display item can also be kept on the lighted rack that you can view even in darkness.

12. Display Items Racks:

Colorful light shelves are induces an attraction with display items on the shelves in your living room or entrances it can also make an essence in decoration even inside the toilets or bathrooms to store the toiletries.

Display Items Racks

13. Open Cabinet Lights:

Spotlights with the cabinets or shelves made on the wall through the bricks or the wood, the spotlights makes a highlight on the display items those are auspicious enough and you want to bring it in showiness, such as laughing buddha show pieces or antique pieces these can be put into your eyes making it attractive.

Open Cabinet Lights

14. Kitchen Cabinet Lights:

Beautify and lighten your kitchen with LED tube lights fixed under the cabinets, this will not only produce extra light required for preparation or cooking in the night time and also makes an excellent outcome in the interior of the kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet Lights