14 Beautiful Easy DIY Flower Beds For Home

14 Beautiful Easy DIY Flower Beds For Home

Flowers are the priority to all the gardens of every house, so the rendering the open space with beautiful beds of flowers makes your garden much more attractive, several forms are found that can be simple and easy which can be handled or maintained with less hard work. The planters used to beautify the garden is can be done any time, make your own planters in your garden or attractive landscape  whatever with colorful flowers and plants planted, few ideas that may brighten your space are given below.

Beautiful Easy DIY Flower Beds For Home:

1. Steel Pipe Borders:

Various old water or waste pipes with rusts on the body of the pipes can be used to make the boundary of the garden filled with beautiful flowers and plants. The pipes may be filled with fertile soil and small plants can be planted within the pipes. The pipes filled with the plants and flowers as boundaries and the inside also with a bed of flowers look amazing as a garden.

Steel Pipe Borders

2. Brick Border Stand:

Mark the boundary of the garden and place the bricks, the bricks can be placed in  various bonds, it may be a high wall of English bond, French bond or less height boundaries with the placing of the bricks in 45 degree depending upon the depth of the flower bed, the flowers and plants are placed within the boundary.

Brick Border Stand

3. Window Flower Beds:

Decorate the exterior of the window walls with flower beds fixed on the sill level of the windows, the flower planters can be made of different materials with various designs on the planters and beautiful flowers within the planters gives the exterior a splendid look with the colorful beds of flowers.

Window Flower Beds:

4 Hanging Tin Flower Beds:

Different tin cans of various shapes and sizes filled with fertile soil, planted with flowers and plants within the tin cans, one of the easiest available along with it can be maintained easily placed anywhere indoor or outdoor provides a fascinating look to the space within a very little hard work and expenses.

Hanging Tin Flower Beds

5. Boat Planter:

One of the attractive and a different form of decorating the outdoor is the boat filled with soil and planted with colorful flowers  in the boat, the boat can be placed anywhere, front yard or back yard the boat can be placed to beautify the garden and the atmosphere. The boat can be of smaller or larger size made of wooden material that can be placed at the big entrance of the house.

Boat Planter

6 Hanging Gardens:

Balconies or entrances of your house can be decorated with hanging pots filled with beautiful flowers and leafy plants, with the pergola at the terraces that can be decorated with the hanging pots makes your terrace look much more attractive filled with natural beauty.

Hanging GardenS

7. Wooden Flower Bed:

Wooden planters with different depth and various sizes can be placed in your garden, the wooden planter can be made with the wooden pieces of different textures fixed together to provide an extra ordinary look, the planter can be made from the waste wooden battens of different textures and colors from light to dark.

Wooden Flower Bed

8. Tool Box Flower Gardens:

Old tool boxes are present in every house as waste material, the recycle of the tool boxes can be used as antique planters which looks extra ordinary placed in any corner of the house or your garden, different colorful flowers and plants can be placed within the tool box filled with soil.

ool Box Flower Gardens

9.  Old Log Flower Bed:

Old log planters with beautiful features of the logs with the textures and the extra branches or lumps within the logs gives a stunning looks to the logs that are cleared to make a void space for the soil and the plants to be placed in the log planters. The planter can be placed with various tiny flowers and plants decorating your garden or the indoor space of the living room.

Old Log Flower Bed

10. Boot  Planters:

Old leather boots in your shoe racks or available shoes look planters that are planted with beautiful flowers, the boots can be fixed on the boundary walls of the house or flower racks can be filled with the boot planters making it a bed of flowers, this is one of the simple form of planters decoration for your house.

11. Tires Bed Of Flowers:

Collect wasted tires, paint it with different colors on the surface of the tires, fill the void of the tire with a black plastic, place the tires one above another or any other form you would like to have the planters, now fill the tires with soil and plant colorful flowers, the colorful tire planters is one of the best utilization of the tires as it cannot be recycled.

Tires Bed Of Flowers

12. Hill Raised Flower Bed:

The backyard of the garden can be cut into steps bounded by wooden fences, the steps can be made of any numbers you may want to have with each of the steps can be filled with flowers and plants of different types. The hilly raised flowers are made with the soils cut into steps or by making boundaries of different depths, that will give a hilly appearance.

Hill Raised Flower Bed

13. Flower Bed Chests:

Old chests or drawers are present in every house that can be filled with soil open the drawers and plant flowers within it, that gives the planter a rustic appearance, it can be placed in the front yard of the house or the entrance lobby, the wooden chest or drawers, being old endures a classic look that is adorned by the beautiful colorful flowers. The top surface of the drawers can be utilized as a platform, few planters can be placed on the top of chests or drawers.

Flower Bed Chests

14. Mason Jar Gardening:

One of the elegant and small bed of flower design is the mason jars of similar sizes fixed on the wooden plate, the wooden plate can be of any texture or of sizes, the mason jar is fixed on the wood, fill the mason jar with attractive looking flowers such as the tulip leaves and flowers, fixed on the wall executes amazing and bright atmosphere.

 Mason Jar Gardening