13 Tips For Decorating The Bookshelf

Books are loved by everyone universally without any exception. While the kids and students read a lot of school books and fiction, the elders have their own choice of books. Every home has some books that are used by the family members. If you have a collection of books at your home, try to keep it well organized and neatly placed. People keep their books in bookshelves. It is important to clean the bookshelf and keep the books in it in a proper manner. It is not necessary to keep the bookshelf plain and just as it is. You can decorate this area and make your book collection look attractive. There are many ways of decorating the bookshelf with different things and themes.

Following Are The 13 Tips For Decorating The Bookshelf:

1. Display Your Collections

Some people like to collect things like birdcages, shells, and teacups. You can display these things in the bookshelf. It will attract the attention of others. Displaying sculpture and buttons in the bookshelf is also a very good idea. The variety in size and shape of your collections will create a stunning display.


2. Display Artwork

Apart from using the bookshelf for keeping books, you can use it for artwork also. Make a tall bookshelf and keep books on the upper portion. Use the lower part for displaying art. Place some paintings with beautiful images on the shelf. The guests and onlookers will see the artwork when they sit in the room.


3. Display Vases And White Ironwork

Displaying vases in a bookshelf helps in making this area look very nice and appealing. Place several empty vases without any flowers. Choose decorative vases in attractive shapes and vibrant colors like yellow and white. You can also keep white ironwork on the bookshelf.


4. Paint Graphic Detailing Of Herringbone Pattern

A graphic detailing on the bookshelf helps in giving it a stylish look. For this, get the back side of the bookshelf painted in a herringbone pattern or design. Use the technique of hand painting for this purpose. This tip is especially useful if you have the bookshelf in the living room.


5. Store Small Items In Wire Baskets

You can use the bookshelf for storing other things than books. For this, you can use wire baskets. Place small items of daily use in the baskets and place it on the bookshelf. This is a very useful idea for turning the bookshelf into a multipurpose area.


6. Cover The Books In White Paper

Create a monochromatic look in the bookshelf by using white colored covers on the books. Take plain white paper and cover the books with it. Use the same paper in all books of the bookshelf. It will give a uniform look to this area while protecting the books from dust and damage.


7. Use Vintage Items And Architectural Bracket

If you are covering the books with a cover of a white paper, you should use old and vintage items in the bookshelf. Search the vintage stores and markets for old items like bottles and clocks. Display these items in the bookshelf along with the books. Use a decorative architectural bracket in the shelves.


8. Use Glass, Crystal And Silver For Shine And Sparkle

Decorate the bookshelf with glass, crystal and other things that have a sparkle in it. Fix a mirror at the back side to create a beautiful visual effect. Display silver items and cutlery on the bookshelf. It will add shine to this area. Use bookcases with open shelves for this purpose.


9. Use Glass Doors In The Bookshelf

Many people have a wooden open type of bookshelf without any doors or closing. Instead of this, you can make doors on the bookshelf so that the dust doesn’t go inside the books. Use glass doors in the bookshelf. It will also help in giving a polished look and finish.


10. Display Photos And Family Heirlooms

Use the bookshelf in a living room for displaying photos. Choose framed photographs of your spouse, kids and other family members and keep them on the bookshelf. You can also use the bookshelf for displaying family heirlooms.


11. Keep The Upper Part Of The Bookshelf Empty

Make a big sized bookshelf with two sections. Make the shelves for keeping books in the lower part and close this part with wooden doors. Keep the upper part of the bookshelf empty and bare. Paint the back side of this part in orange color. It will help in avoiding a cluttered look in the bookshelf.


12. Make Bookshelf With Wine Crates

If you have a lack of resources for making a bookshelf, you can make a DIY bookshelf with wine crates. For this, you just have to fix some empty wine crates on the wall like a bookshelf. Use nails for attaching the crates. It will give you a huge empty space for keeping books along with some large sized items like photos, sculptures, and other decoration pieces.


13. Use Geometric Wallpaper On The Bookshelf

Just as you use the wallpaper in the walls of a room, you can use it in the bookshelf too. Attach wallpaper on the internal part of the bookshelf at the back side. Choose wallpaper with beautiful designs printed on it. Wallpaper with bold geometric prints or design will look very good.