13 Genius Gardening Life-hacks That Both You And Your Plants Will Love

You must have a small garden in your house. Or have a big one? What ever is your garden size, the basic points to take care of any garden is just same. You can follow them for any garden. Here are some simple and useful tips for your garden.

Just Go Through The Article And Follow Them For Your Garden

1. Prepare The Soil First For Your Garden:

When you are planning for the new plants prepare the soil first. Use soft and loose soil for planting a new tree. For that dig the soil deeply and turn it for several times. This way the hard soil will break into smaller parts and the quantity of infused oxygen between the soils get increased. Then pour water in the soil but do not pour so much of water that it gets so wet that you could not dig it up. When the soil turns soft add the required fertilizer and the dry leaves of the trees in it; mix well. Now your soil is perfectly ready for the plants. But once the soil get ready do not disturb it so much or it may spoil your soil.


2. Arrange Stepping Stones In Your Garden:

Do not walk in bare feet in your garden. If you walk in bare feet, by the pressure of your feet the infused oxygen of the soil get released which is not good for your plants. So, please arrange stepping stones in your garden.


3. Maintain The Grass On Your Lawns:

Everybody loves a beautiful lawn with green grass in their garden. For the maintenance of your lawn allow to stand some water on it. It will prevent drying of grass in your lawn.


4. Try To Know Everything About Plants:

When you are buying any new plant for your garden try to know about the need for the plant like what type of soil is needed, what type of manure to be used, how much sunlight and water is needed etc.


5. Dig Deep For The Deep Rooted Plants:

When you are going for deep rooted plants like rose etc. make sure that you dig the soil into deep. If the soil is too hard then make a layer of less hard soil on that.


6. Cut The Dry Stems Regularly:

Try to cut the dry stems of your plant in regular interval. Especially you may cut the dry stems of roses, clean the dry daffodil flower etc. which looks ugly on the plants. You can easily find special type of small scissors which are very much helpful to cut the stems and leaves of small plants. Try to buy them to maintain your plants.


7. Maintain Your Garden Tools:

To maintain your garden tools which are of good quality. You can buy stainless steel tools for your garden which are of good quality. Wash them with plenty of water after using them and then wipe it with soft dry cloth. To avoid rust formation on the stainless steel tools, mix machine oil and sand in a bowl, then keep all your garden tools in it. It will prevent the rust formation on the tools.


8. Arrange Lots Of Sunlight For Your Plants:

For a healthy plant enough sunlight is needed. Try to keep your plants in sunlight for 6-7 hours. Also make sure that there should be plenty of sunlight can come to your garden because this natural element is highly needed for your plant. For that you can place your garden in the south portion of your house.


9. Take Care Of Your Indoor Plants:

Indoor plants like money plants need an easy maintenance. Fill a tin of talcum powder with water and keep the plant in it. On the other hand you can try this easy trick. Paint a plastic detergent container, then dry it and fill it with water. Then keep the plant in it. Your plant will remain good for long time.


10. Go For Organic Products For Your Garden:

You may have noticed that in winter time the leaves of the plants turns dull. To keep them well you can spray any product that contains pine oil in it. You can also try another trick. Mix water, corn oil and baking soda in a bottle. Now pour this mixture in a spray bottle and spray it on your plants to remove the fungus from it.


11. Pour Water On Your Plant Properly:

For the growth of a new plant, appropriate quantity of water is needed. So, pour water in little amount in multiple times on your plants. For large trees of your garden you can pour more water. Actually it needs lot of moisture to get into the root.


12. Allow Enough Sunlight And Air In Your Garden:

Do not have only large trees in your garden. Actually it works as obstacles for the sunlight and also prevents the circulation of air in your garden.


13. Keep Your Garden Clean:

Try to keep all the dried leaves of the plants in one place collecting them from all the places of your garden. It will keep your garden neat and clean. You can also use these leaves to make organic compost and then you can use them for your plants.