13 Amazing Things About A Luxurious Bathroom

A large or huge apartment with various required modern applications should not only contain an expressive interiors on the bedrooms or living, the luxury should also extend to the bathrooms also, a luxurious house is incomplete if you have no improvement in the bathroom of the house, where you like to spend a lot of time playing in or with the water, a luxurious bathroom should have a huge space so that you can make the differentiation of the dry zone and wet zone along with high code expensive interior designing, the basic factor you should keep in mind while making an extravagant bathroom are as follows:

1. Space In The Bathroom:

Generally bathroom are the most smallest of all the rooms in the the house with the minimum required amenities or toiletry accessories but in case of the luxurious bathrooms main essence is the space acquired, the spacious the bathroom the more splendidly the area can be designed to make the bathroom look attractive and at the same time luxurious by the exact and beautiful decoration of the bathroom.

Space In The Bathroom

2. Bath Tub:

The bath tub  can be placed in the bathroom , the bathroom with larger sizes can be provided with the bath tub, the bath tub can be of various types, the stone made, glass made or ceramic made, whatever any be the material used in the tub, the  bath tub gives an extravagant appeal to the bathroom and the family members. The creative the shape of the bath tub the innovative may be the look of the bathroom.

Bath Tub

3. Texture Of The Wall:

Define the luxurious bathroom with the attractive textured wall designed that can be the tiles designs of the stones made or the marble made tiles, on the other hand the textures provide a beautiful and exclusive gesture to the bathroom, the tile or wall textures of the luxurious bathroom should be such made that it exhibits more glam to the luxury of the bathroom

Texture Of The Wall

4. Basin:

Various creative made basins are available in the market, you may also make the choice of the materials that you want to have as the basin materials, Stone made expensive long lasting basins, or the shiny and glossy looks of the basin and the basin cabinet brings in the proper an extravagant looks of the basins with new spark to the luxurious bathroom. The basins with the cabinets made of copper material or such that may increase the getup of the bathroom.


5. Mirror:

One more utility item of a bathroom is the mirror the extra ordinary cut out of the mirrors with splendid curves and the curved frames accordingly to the cutout of the mirrors, the frames can be of various materials such as brass, steel or copper, whatever may be the frame design and the material used will make the bathroom highly decorative along with the outstanding, emenities in use in the toilet.


6. Textured Flooring:

The flooring of the luxurious bathroom can be of the luxurious and expensive stones that may be marbles, granite or the mosaic designed flooring that can be of any outstanding floor designs, the flooring should be a durable along with attractive and less slippery tendency of the flooring of the bathroom, the flooring are not only attractive but easy to clean and dry of the wet floors with a flooring of multicolored designed.

Textured Flooring

7. Light Works:

Luxurious bathroom should have a playful and colorful lights, the ceiling lights, the colorful spotlights, the led lights on the ceilings and also in few cases the colorful floor lamps or lights that will add attraction to the luxurious bathroom, the lights used in the variation of the bathroom will make space look much more outstanding attractive and enjoy the bath of the luxuries in the bathroom.

Light Works

8. Interior Designing:

You have make the interior designing of your luxurious a priority, the exact spending of money and that too in a right way is highly necessary. The designing of the bath will make it more in utilities and at the same time more attractive. The decoration of the spacious bathroom in an expensive way will make  the bathroom luxurious, the placement of the things and fixtures in the right place is on;y possible through interior decoration.

Interior Designing

9. LED Television:

If you have no plans to go outside in the holidays spend your time in the bathroom where you can place a small Led television, spend hours afters hours in the bath tub taking bath while watching the television, the television can be hung near the bathing place or the tub where you can sit easily and watching the television becomes comfortable.

LED Television

10. Windows:

Bathrooms are provided with small windows because too big windows may hit the privacy of the bathroom. If you have the privacy in the surrounding of the bathroom or the bathroom is on the upper floor with a good side open spaces then you can try for big windows that will give the luxurious bathroom a scenery from inside while taking a bath.


11. Color Contrast:

The color paint on the wall contrast plays a good luxurious game, the beauty of the color applied on the walls matched with the fixtures, flooring and the wall of the bathroom will make the bathroom splendid and above all the give the space an exclusive and different appeal with gesture.

Color Contrast

12. Fixtures:

Expensive fixtures those are innovative, creative, colorful with wonderful bends and curves on the fixtures that innovate new form of working capacity of the fixtures, that makes the bathroom comfortable to use with the compact combination of the innovative fixtures and looks together improvises the bathrooms luxurious features.


13. Ceiling:

The luxurious bathroom should have a beautiful false ceiling, the ceiling should exert comfort and on the other hand deliver a luxurious feeling to the person enjoying bath in the bathroom, such as the false ceiling made of etched glass, mirror glass or wood will give a feeling of luxury and comfort, the ceilings can be decorated in many other creative form that will elevate the bathrooms interior designs, the interior of the bathroom also depends on the creative looks of the false ceilings.