12 Window Seat Ideas To Relax At Home

The windows are one of the compulsory requirement of the house, the architectural aesthetic view improves with the creative work on the different windows, the space in every house are reducing, various innovative works can be done to make the room more decorative and creating more utilized space, windows the house are the attractive feature of the house which not only provides light but the spaces around can be used for relaxing and enjoy your free time within the sitting space provided below the windows.

Few Ideas Are Discussed Below:

1. Window Seat With Drawers:

Sitting area made separately with a ply board separation at the window with a storage drawer below and shelves on one side or both sides to keep things or books, decorate the sitting area with curtains if you want, lights are important that you have to fix, so that you can sit and enjoy reading books in front of the windows.

Window Seat With Drawers

2. Corner Window Sitting Space:

Corner windows itself elevates the architectural view of the sitting room, the beauty increases with a corner window sitting area that can be broad in width and ” L” shaped seats along the window where you can sit and enjoy a broader window view of a sliding window, opening of window panes may disturb the sitting space.

Corner Window Sitting Space

3. Casement Window Sitting:

The slab is casted out of the main external wall to the outer surface, there you get a space for the sitting close to the window, provide a cushion on the slab or mat on the slab where sitting and enjoying the atmosphere can be a good choice, no internal space is effected by the window sitting arrangement.

Casement Window Sitting

4. Bay Window Sitting:

It is always one of the best architectural aesthetic to have a bay window, the windows space can be made to have a beautiful sitting space of a u shaped and two single seaters that will make the living room look exceptional and extravagantly beautiful utilizing the space in the living room.

Bay Window Sitting

5. Small Sitting Area In Bedroom:

Instead of having a balcony in your living room you can have a covered bay window zone same like the covered circular balcony. Two to three sofa can be set in the zone near the windows with a beautiful ceiling where you can sit and enjoy your book with a cup of tea.

Small Sitting Area In Bedroom

6. Separated Window Drawers:

Design the window fronts inside the room with sitting area, the windows with an average space can be utilized in storing of things, building of the drawers within the wall space between the windows, the sitting space is covered with a surface, inside is also a storage space and the upper portion is utilized for sitting.

Separated Window Drawers

7. Designed Arch Separation:

If you have extra space outside the open spaces then extended floor can be utilized as a sitting space with the windows, the lights can enter the room easily, the separation is made by the arch shaped wall and the drawers are made for storage purposes.

Designed Arch Separation

8. Cozy Window Bed:

Make a small cozy space in front of the window of your bedroom, the bed is made to occupy the area around the window, with a wooden separation, this type of arrangement is generally made for small size of area in the apartment. The small is utilized with a cozy bed within a small space.

Cozy Window Bed

9. Lower Sitting Bed:

Projected window slab outside that is from the roof and the sill height level with spotlights on the top for reading purpose and the lower surface is kept empty, the sitting arrangement is lower than the sill height of the window to make the sitting comfortable.

Lower Sitting Bed

10. Book Shelves:

Sitting arrangement below the window sill height and extended floor where the wooden made rack is placed the upper surface is treated as the sitting place and the below is treated as the book shelf,  therefore you can utilize it for sitting and the storing of the books.

Book Shelves

11. Library In Living Room:

Make a small sitting arrangement of library in your living room, the window side space is used for sitting attache with the huge cabinets on the free walls if the space is available on both sides or may be one side also, filled with the books within the shelves.

Library In Living Room

12.  Book Wall Shelves:

A small space filled with books as in the library and a small relaxing space to sit, with a french window, that is smaller in width and greater in height, the book shelves present on the free walls, it can be treated as a library in your small house, the window is enough to provide day light to the space.

Book Wall Shelves