12 Types Of Important Flooring For Your Bathroom

Bathroom is the essential space which is required to be kept clean, hygienic and should look classy as after all it is the place where we like to clean and nurture ourselves, finally it makes a great difference in the outlook of  the entire designing of the house or apartment . Classic look is only possible when we can intend to provide lucrative emenities such as flooring of the bathroom, flooring are of various types, few of the classy and durable flooring are mentioned below

1. Glazed Tiles:

Bathroom flooring is decorated with glazed tiles which are available in the market of different colors, sizes and designs. Multiple colored tiles are used to decorate the floor. Ceramic and porcelain two types of glazed tiles are available which are durable, stain resistant and found in different rectangular or square shape, glossy in nature found in different styles, shades and color which makes the bathroom lucrative by using multiple color tiles for the floor of the bathroom.

Glazed Tiles

2. Unglazed Tiles:

The tiles are unsmooth, less glossy or no glossy appearance with high durability and less maintenance costs available in various sizes and colors.

Unglazed Tiles

3. Vitrified Tiles:

One of the most water absorbent and stain resistant is the vitrified tiles that has replaced the marble tiles as it does not require any polishing as it is pre -polished and can be placed on the floor directly. It is highly durable and can be cleaned easily, found in numerous texture, styles and sizes with glossiness that gives the room an elegance, nowadays vitrified tiles are on high demand because of its availability, low maintenance and outstanding looks produced after its different creative design obtained on the floor. The different colors and shades of the vitrified tiles placed on the floor executes an excellent outcome of the floor texture.

Vitrified Tiles

4. Ceramic Tiles:

Various types of colorful ceramic tiles are available for your bathroom in different sizes that can be placed in the room according to the size of the room, it is easy to maintain, along with it is stain free flooring that is ideal for your toilet can be washed and cleaned easily. Different designed ceramic tiles are available that will make your bathroom more decorative with a long lasting flooring. Ceramic tiles has a good shine and the glossiness is found in the tiles that improvises the look of the bathroom.

Ceramic Tiles

5. Plain Cement Flooring:

The most easiest and fast process of flooring is the plain cement flooring that is long lasting, highly durable and above all does not require any extra labor to work on it. Cement flooring is the mixture of cement, sand and water in a particular proportion. This is a simple form of flooring that is applicable in small budget, that can be maintained and cleaned easily.

Plain Cement Flooring

6. Slate Flooring:

Hard flooring with a great durability, with fine dark texture. It is a natural stone and obtained from metamorphic rocks, when used for bathroom flooring appearance, increases with the earthy look, smooth slate flooring are also found, easily can be cleaned which is beautiful and is ideal for bathroom and kitchen.

Slate Flooring

7. Limestone:

One of the natural stone is the limestone found in both light and dark shades, it can be easily cleaned and washed which is very important for the flooring in the bathroom, stones available in different sizes that can be placed on the floor to decor the bathroom with shine and glossiness, along with grand and exclusive designs which is the rare form used in the bathroom flooring.


8. Mosaic Flooring:

It is one of the oldest form of flooring that is found in various sizes, shapes and designs which may be glossy or matte finish, what ever may be the texture it gives a classic appearance to the bathroom room, the floor is water resistant ideal for bathroom, various attractive mosaic design are found in our old mosaic designed bathrooms which are of different shades and colors.

Mosaic Flooring

9. Marble Tiles Floor:

One of the popular flooring is the marble tiles which is rare today because of its expenses while making of the flooring. The checker tiles in the bathroom is one of the well known either by black and white or by grey and white. Marble flooring is a hard stone and this is the reason through out of decades and decades of durability of the flooring.

Marble Tiles Floor

10. 3D Effect Mural Painting Tiles:

Nowadays 3D mural painting on the floor is one of the creative designing process which is used to decorate the bathroom. It makes the bathroom lively because of the 3d effect on the floor. This flooring had given an inventiveness to the decorative section. The picture of water on the floor or a dolphin jumping can easily be shown on the floor by the mural painting with a 3D effect.It is a high quality product with long durability.

3D Effect Mural Painting Tiles

11. Mural Tiles:

Mural tiles are not only used in modern bathrooms but it is one of the oldest form of flooring style that has kept its work of excellence even today. Mural tiles of various designs, shapes and sizes are available which makes the bathroom highly attractive, the flooring with artistic designs makes the bathroom extra ordinary, colorful mural tiles are easy to clean and wash so it can be used in the bathroom flooring.

Mural Tiles

12. Metallic Floor:

On concrete floor metallic floor tiles can be placed which gives a metallic effect to the floor of the bathroom. Its shiny, hard and durable with a glossy appearance the bathroom get an enchanting get up where a person will like to spend more and more time. Metallic tiles are luxurious with gesture and provide a high quality durability, expensive and is trendy. Metallic flooring is one of the modern form of flooring, that improves the look of the modern bathroom.

Metallic Floor

The above mentioned floor ideas are most common form of flooring that are available and which if used perfectly, accordingly  to the bathroom design requirements, it can give a tremendous classy and elemental bathroom which you will enjoy to use day after day.