12 Embossed Designs Through Epoxy Flooring

One of the the new form of flooring with style in modern designing flooring is the epoxy flooring, which is one of the easiest flooring that can be done in a short schedule of time and is highly budget friendly that will give your room a extraordinary appearance, through this epoxy flooring 3d effects can be given to the floor apart form single perspective of the floor designs, give any showiness to the floor, it implies a very high and good depth, texture with the originality in color with proper customization and finally an exclusively format of the designed floor.

Few Exclusive And Attractive Flooring Are Defined Below:

1. Brown Epoxy Flooring:

The brown epoxy flooring that will make your room shiny and gorgeous, the stylish and a new look for your room, the exotic form with simple texture of quartz on your floor, the finishing can be made of any stone, that you can customize the texture of your floor and give your floor an exceptional appearance.

Brown Epoxy Flooring

2. Grey Epoxy Flooring:

The flooring is given the texture of the quartz stone flooring, but the difference between epoxy flooring  and quartz stone is that the shiny and glossy appearance of the floor is much higher than the quartz above all quartz flooring is highly expensive whereas the other one is very less and easy to our budget, and thereby gives a much more beautiful gesture to the flooring.

Grey Epoxy Flooring

3. Fiery Well:

Design the flooring with a yellow colored fiery well, surrounded by the ashes, the best feature of the epoxy flooring is that you can input any color to your floor, the fiery floor gives a ferverish glimpse to your eyes. The warmth of the yellow color makes the room more fervent that too only through the color, and the depth applied to look like a fire well, the total picture on the floor is outstanding.

Fiery Well

4. Shallow Pond:

The shallow pond look is ideal for your bathroom,the mixture of the green, blue and slightly leading to the yellow color is an excellent procedure to the flooring work. The bathroom with the watery pond flooring look is simply the perfect concept, various ponds features are in display such as the fish, the stones and small water submerged plants that can be easily featured by the epoxy flooring thereby enduring a grand look to the bathroom of your house.

Shallow Pond

5. Sea Scene In The Bathroom:

Once again water feature in your bathroom because the main purpose for your bathroom usage is the water, water is the main requirement so it is defined by the blue sea water, check the wonderful originality defined  by the epoxy flooring, the work of flooring of colors are fine where each and every form of color is customized and defined exactly in a perfect way, the texture of the clam sea water or the depth of the sea water both are explained perfectly with you can view and assume through your bare eyes.

Sea Scene In The Bathroom

6. Grassy Ground:

At once anybody can say that this is a grass flooring, a floor full of green grass, decorate your bathroom with greenery, the selection of the green color of grass and the exact texture of making the grass implies a beautiful scenery of an open ground placed within your bathroom, this is a different flooring which is extravagant and eye catchy at the same time, that makes your bath room much more attractive and a reason to spend much more longer time in it.

Grassy Ground

7. One Dimensional Designs:

Living rooms can be laid with epoxy flooring that too of single perspective on your floor, giving a texture of red marble flooring with floral design of a contrast color, which is simple and is one of the classy looks delivered to floor, the flooring executes a glossy appearance with a calm along with a decorative atmosphere for your living room.

One Dimensional Designs

8. Dual Material Epoxy And Stone:

Marble stone is used along with the epoxy flooring in the middle running parallel to each other throughout the room or the passage, the idea of using two different materials implies a different and astonished characteristic where the stone material continues to the wall or sill height of the windows, finally the interior of the room is very much uncommon and very artistic in nature which is also very simple but expresses the intelligent interior flooring work.

Dual Material Epoxy And Stone

9. Floral Epoxy Flooring:

The huge bathroom with beautiful and elegant accessories of white color and the big floor space is one of the important factor of the bathroom, it can be displayed through various excellent floor works, such as matching with the accessories in the bathroom a floor designed with white and yellow flowers and the touch of the light colored white and greenish atmosphere altogether makes the bathroom an simple but outstandingly attractive

Floral Epoxy Flooring

10. Universe:

Sometime we love to live in dreams, so how about having the universe in our home, the 3ds features of the universe with the combination of the colors and the galaxy around the us may be watching them closely a dream, so lay it on your floor of the living room, some thing that can be variable at the same time the most wonderful image of the universe makes your room the best and attractive.


11. 3D texture Of Gravels:

Ever did you had the feeling of walking on the running water of shallow flowing river filled with the gravels under your feet, here is the same texture applied through the 3d epoxy flooring, here two types of colored textured are given one small green colored gravel texture and the other the white gravel stones, similarly various other forms of stones can be used to give much more better effects on the floor.

3D texture Of Gravels

12. Rubble Stone Facing Floor:

The epoxy flooring with the rubble stone facing which is one of the oldest form of facing generally used on the walls are now used on the floor, that is less glossy or shiny but gives the floor a clean and fine touch of excellent looks to the floor or the room with a less maintenance effort.

Rubble Stone Facing Floor