12 Awesome DIY Fence Decoration Ideas

Summer arrives and with it come barbecues, family get-togethers and outdoor fun. With all this, you spend so much of time in your backyard with friends and family. Having a yard with a good looking fence is important if you want to add a whole lot of extra fun to your activities out there. However, between balancing home, career, kids and finding enough time to sleep, you realise that you have left your backyard fence last on your home improvement list. Do not worry, for there are numerous simple ways to make your fence come alive. All you need is a few simple supplies and some spare time. You can buy most of these supplies from a local thrift store or better still, recycle old stuff lying in your attic or garage. Check out this amazing list of top twelve decor ideas for your fence. Get ready to get envious glances from others.

12 Lovely Ways To Decorate Your Fence

1. Rain Boot Flowerpots:

Children outgrow their shoes so fast. If you have colourful rain boots which your kids can no longer wear, don’t throw them away. Wash and wipe them clean. Fill them with potting soil. Sow flowering plants. Hang these on your fence. It is a unique idea that is sure to transform your fence from a drab old one to a livelier one. You could do the same with pairs of crocks.

Rain Boot Flowerpots

2. Write Inspirational Quotes:

Write a beautiful quote in good old cursive writing on your fence using left over paint. You can also use wall quote stickers that are available online or at local decor stores. Remember, nobody likes a monotonously preachy quote. So write cheery, funny or inspirational quotes about your garden, family, friends, pets and the like. This adds a personal touch to your yard too.

Write Inspirational Quotes

3. Hang Pretty Plates:

Collect old ceramic or earthen plates with lovely patterns or cutwork. Using a drill, make single holes in each plate. Drill in nails into the fence and hang these plates on the nails in a specific pattern or in a random manner.

Hang Pretty Plates

4. Flowers From Wheels:

Check out if you have any old hubcaps in your garage. Clean and wipe them. Then paint them in your favourite colours. Hang them on your fence. Draw green stalks and leaves under these hubcaps to make them look like flowers. Kids would love to help you with the painting part.

Flowers From Wheels

5. Old Picture Frames:

Collect unused picture frames. Insert pictures of flowers, artwork, doodles, food, animals or whatever fancies you. Hang these frames on the fence. An outdoor art gallery on your fence is what you get followed by many praises.

Old Picture Frames

6. Old Wooden Crates:

Do not throw away wooden crates. You could use them as shelves. Paint them or leave them as they are for a more natural look. Fix them to your fence. Place small ceramic flower vases in these shelves with beautiful plants in them. You have a lovely wooden crate vertical garden on your fence.

Old Wooden Crates

7. Bird Box Fence:

A smart way to invite feathered friends would be to hang colourful bird boxes on your fence. Place a feeder and some water in small plates in each of them for thirsty birds in summers.

Bird Box Fence

8. Mural Paintings:

Painting your fence in one plain colour is a pain in the eye. Why not go for a mural painting instead. It will look much nicer and add a dash of freshness to the fence and your backyard.

Mural Paintings

9. Bottle Fence:

Collect old colorful glass bottles from your attic, garage or your neighbours. Clean them, wipe them. Finally, hang these bottles on your fence in a particular pattern. Old glass bottles would make your fence look rustic with an old world charm.

Bottle Fence

10. Butterflies On The Fence:

Butterflies are a visual treat for the young and old alike. Get a few packets of fancy butterfly stickers from your local thrift shop or stationery store. Stick these all over your fence. Watch passersby look happily at your beautiful butterfly fence.

Butterflies On The Fence

11. Mason Jar Tea Light Holder:

Hang small mason jars on your fence from the top. Add a few white pebbles to fill the bottom of each jar. Place small tea lights inside each jar and light them. Watch them light up your fence brightly after dark. You get a glow in the dark fence that looks so warm and inviting.

12. Tyre Planters:

Reuse Old rubber tyres. Hang them on your fence. Add some potting soil inside each tyre. Plant colourful, flowering creepers or hanging floral plants in these tyres. They make your fence look awesome.

Tyre Planters