12 Amazing Cardboard Crafts To Decor And Play In Kids Room

12 Amazing Cardboard Crafts To Decor And Play In Kids Room

There are various ways of making crafts from the cardboard boxes that are generally wasted as they are of no us after unpacking of the goods taken out from the boxes. The craft made with the boxes are the easiest and at the same time safe for the kids, it may not harm the child by hurting as from solid toys, kids require soft toys as they are sensitive enough to handle any other types of toys, the various craft made with the boxes can be made big according to their requirement and will be colorful with bright colors that will attract the child to play.

12 Amazing Cardboard Crafts To Decor And Play In Kids Room:

1. Play House:

The house made through the big cardboard boxes of two in number attached together with the cutout in the attached part of the two boxes internally making a passage between the two boxes, windows are cut that may be of any numbers that you require, the sloped roof is made at the top, may be of same or of different sizes and a door where your small kid get inside and outside easily while playing.

Play House

2. Piggy Bank:

Piggy banks can be of any shape or sizes, the four parts of the cardboard box is separated from the edges with the bottom surface joined, the separated surface is cut in the shape of inverted  V and the top is give a curve as a design, on top a fiber made jar filled with fiber small balls or any other faux flower for decoration can be fixed for decoration, paint the piggy bank, dont forget to make a hole to put your money inside the piggy bank.

3. Laptop:

Small rectangular cardboard boxes with the screen attached on it from a cover of box of other cardboard, covered with a beautiful colored paper and a picture screen, the keyboard is covered with a beautiful paper color and the numbers and alphabets attached on the other box to make the keyboards, children will enjoy playing with the cardboard made laptop.


4. Two Storied Building:

Take a cardboard box make squarish cuts for the windows and remove one of the surface of the box to have a look inside the two storied block. Three different layers of the planes are made by fixing three cardboard make a sloped roof on the top by fixing a v shaped cardboard or V cane sticks and a paper above the sticks. Cover the box with presentable papers, make a stand or plinth below by attaching a box below the house block.

Two Storied Building


5. Play Music Drums:

Take boxes of various sizes and attach colorful papers on the boxes similar seen in the musical drums, add sticker to the boxes, the number of boxes required is seven to eight boxes among which two to three are of small sizes. Children will enjoy playing drums and music during their play time.

Play Music Drums

6. Telephone:

One of the most simple form of cardboard box craft is the telephone take a small box of square shape cover it with a bright colorful paper and fix numbers on the box and add features similar to the original LAN phone add a curve ribbon to look like a wire between the receiver and the platform of the phone, a narrow box of similar width of the other box is taken for the making of the receiver may cover with the same color or different color of paper, make a curve in the receiver with the board. This is the best playing item liked by the kids a lot.


7. Letter Box:

Take a big rectangular cardboard box with less thickness, make as small rectangular hole for in the surface of the box to make drop the letters in the box,  paint the box or attach  cover paper on the box. Attach a handle take from any old suitcase or bags at the top of the box, add two zips on the side of the boxes to open and close the letter box by dropping letter into the box.

Letter Box

8. Kitchen Platform:

Take a big cardboard box rectangular in shape with a medium thickness, place it on the floor, cut it from the center of a box to make the cabinet panel, and shelves are made through the cardboard pieces of the matched sizes of the other boxes or it can be cut to the similar size of the box, attached the shelves to the cabinet made according to the required numbers, make two to four circular cuts for the oven, make a microwave, and a backsplash. Girls will love to cook in their kitchen.

Kitchen Platform

9. Garage:

Take a cardboard of bigger size, open the cardboard, take one surface and cut a passage for the road and one more cardboard below on the bottom attach the passage cut from the other board on the bottom surface, make pillars round or rectangular and attach the surface on the pillars, and the passage attached to the bottom, paint the whole garage, place cars for your kids to play.


10. Slippers:

Take cardboard boxes  and cut the boards according to the shapes of your kid’s feet, attach designed ribbons or cardboard on the layer of the shapes cut, cover the slippers with velvet cloths and then attach the ribbons, to hold the slippers on the feet, the colorful slippers are ready for your kid’s to wear and play.


11. Car Wash:

Take a huge box make a cut for the cars to enter the car wash, cover the box with colorful papers and add a band on the top with a cover paper of different color, add a cardboard on the bottom surface, and cover the entrance with papers cut into vertical pieces.

Car Wash

12. Animals:

Cut cardboard in the shape of the cats, dogs, giraffe and paint the cardboard accordingly, make two pieces of same shape and attach with a rectangular small boxes of two to three in between the surfaces, that will help them to make a stand or make seven to eight pieces attach them consecutively it will gain a thickness and will easily stand.