10 Show-Stopping And Jaw-Dropping Modern Chandeliers

Appropriate lighting fixture selection and design are important in all areas of your home, and proper lighting design can make a world of difference. You should also keep in mind that your fixture selection should suites your tastes but also complement your house and serve lighting purpose. If you end up choosing the wrong fixture, it is, of course, you will be stuck awake looking at during the night ruminating over your decision. The chandelier is a great source of light, which highlights the space and makes a statement if you are looking for a bold statement piece for your room, here is the list of 10 breath taking chandeliers that will strike everyone!

1. Flower Chandeliers:

Flower Power chandelier is an ode to spring; the awakening of nature in charming bright colors with subtle nuances makes it look stunning. You can select the one with pink tulips. This charming chandelier is made exclusively to order and it consists of a large number of artificial tulips, between which LED Murano glass lamps are arranged harmoniously you can select your own colors of the chandelier.

Flower Chandeliers

2. Geometric Chandelier:

These are Strong and sculptural, formed of three circular bands of warm, bright light that join together to form a perfect sphere, the three perpendicular bands, made of solid brushed brass and embedded with LEDs, are fused together by brushed brass rings set at each of the six intersections, each band is carefully angled so that the light wraps around the sides, making it visible from all angles it complements the contemporary design and style.

Geometric Chandelier

3. Cloud Round Chandelier:

The magnificent Cloud Round Chandelier pays reverence to old school aesthetics and is unapologetic-ally opulent, and creates a strong visual language and also gives an illusion of movement it is simply astonishing.

Cloud Round Chandelier

4. Counter Weight Chandeliers:

They are all about counterweights and pulleys, they have a cool mechanical-inspired design and they combine crystal wheels, weights, and pendants. Best part s each component can be raised and lowered, making it a changeable creation, perfect for people who like to move things around. It is not only a chandelier but a unique interacting accessory or decoration, which is definitely worth attention.

Counter Weight Chandeliers

5. Mushroom Like Glass Bubbles Chandeliers:

There are multiple designs of bubbles I was personally impressed with the piece inspired by the shapes of mushrooms growing on wood. The chandelier had six arms, made of wood that alternate between solid pieces and pairs of slats, the main idea behind was to create a contrast between the formal rigidity of the chandelier’s wooden structure and the pieces of glass that seem to spontaneously germinate from the wood.

Mushroom Like Glass Bubbles Chandeliers

6. Extra Large Bubbles Chandelier:

Bubble designs are becoming more and more popular, and we get inspired by cooler décor pieces. These chandeliers are very romantic and magical lamp seems to fly in the air due to its lightness. You can get many variations of colours and materials to create your own extra Large Bubble Chandelier.

Extra Large Bubbles Chandelier

7. Diamond Shape Chandeliers:

With sculptural shards of bevelled glass that are arranged into a diamond shape around the light source of a lamp with satin nickel or brass hardware and smokey grey or clear glass look amazingly beautiful.

Diamond Shape Chandeliers

8. Metropolis Bar Chandelier:

It s a fun take on a traditional chandelier, with 7 glass lights, in a mixture of shapes, dangle from cords that are draped artfully around a rectangular bar; it is made up of various cylindrical and globe shapes in Primavera, Twist, Ribbed, and Smooth patterns, with a black oxide finish and black satin fabric cord when combined with different wattage Edison bulbs, the chandelier becomes as much a talking piece as it is illuminating.

Metropolis Bar Chandelier

9. Branch And Tree Chandelier:

Are you a nature lover then this chandelier is for you can light up your porch area, balcony area or anywhere you have set up the plants. Merging light and nature brings the essence of the outdoors in, with just the flip of a switch anywhere in your house and you will not be able to remove your eyes from this one.

Branch And Tree Chandelier

10. Dutch Style Chandelier:

It has been known since the fifteenth century, made of brass or bronze it is characterized by curling down S-shaped arms and a baluster-shaped body, which provided, when highly polished, an ideal reflecting surface, the weight of the heavy brass ball keeps the fitting level and prevents it from swinging. They were often used in churches but it’s simple but and an elegant design makes applicable for most interiors.

Dutch Style Chandelier

Chandeliers come in different designs and sizes. Choose the one that suits your decor the best.