10 DIY Unique Festive Wreaths For Your Home

DIY Unique Festive Wreaths For Your Home

Do you ever made wreaths in your own hand? Usually people buy wreaths from shop and decorate their home or gift it to the others. But wreaths can be made in your home also. You can use simple household items to prepare such wreaths. The thing that will be needed apart from the ingredients is your creativity. In this article there are 10 unique DIY ideas for you to make wreaths to decorate your home. All of them are easy to prepare and most important thing is that they are all made with simple ingredients that are available in your household.

1. Ribbon Made Wreath

Try this amazing ribbon made wreath this festive season. This is very easy to prepare. You can get a reference from the given picture. You can choose a particular color theme of red and white. Take red and white ribbon of your choice. Now take a ring that is used for making wreaths. Now decorate it with the ribbons making some beautiful patterns on it.

Ribbon Made Wreath

2. Wreath Made With Paper Quilling

You can make awesome wreaths for different festive season using paper quilling technique. It is very useful to make a colorful wreath to decorate your home. Take some colored art paper and make some superb shapes with it. Here in the given picture you can see that flowers are made with colored chart paper and contrast colored buttons. Then each individual flower is joined with one another.

Wreath Made With Paper Quilling

3. Wreaths Made With Dry Flower And Leafs

Flower made wreaths are very common where fresh flower and leaves are used. But they have a certain period to keep. Is not it a nice idea if you make wreaths with dry flower and leaves? You can use dry flower as usual or can color them in your desired color first and then use it in your wreath. Take an idea from the picture below how to make such a beautiful festive wreath made with dry flower and leaves.

Wreaths Made With Dry Flower And Leafs

4. Woolen Wreath For Your Home

Do you ever try to make wreath with wool? Actually wool is used in making woolen clothes. To make it use a circular pattern that is used to make wreaths and then wrap it with wools. As you are making festive wreaths you can use bright colors like red and  a base colour such as white wool for it. You may decorate with some motifs that beautify your wreath. For reference you can take this wreath to generate an idea.

Woolen Wreath For Your Home

5. Dahlia Flower Wreaths Made With Paper

Flower wreaths are always good for any occasion. Try this wonderful Dahlia flower wreath made with paper. It looked so original and beautiful. Take any colored art paper and then cut them in small pieces in different sizes. Then make cones with the paper pieces and glue. Keep them aside to become dry. Now make a ring like thing with cardboard. Now affix all these paper made cones on it with glue according to its size. Try to place big cones near the sides and the smaller ones towards the center.

Dahlia Flower Wreaths Made With Paper

6. Newspaper Wreath For This Festive Season

Usually we throw away old newspapers or use them in odd jobs. Do you ever try to make wreaths with newspapers? No, then try it this festive season to decorate your home. First shred the newspaper in thin strips. Then use it to make wreaths as you do in usual method. Use stapler and glue to join the paper pieces. Try this unique idea to make a beautiful wreath like the given reference picture below.

Newspaper Wreath For This Festive Season

7. Wonderful Tissue Paper Wreath

Tissue Paper Wreaths are also a very nice option to decorate your home to create festive mood. It is easily available in any house. To make such a beautiful festive wreath first chooses some tissue papers with nice colors. Then make small flowers like rose etc. with these tissue papers. You can use a single colored tissue paper or can use multiple colored tissue papers to make such beautiful DIY wreath.

Wonderful Tissue Paper Wreath

8. Wreath Made With Color Pencil

Want to make your festivals more colorful. Then try this awesome color pencil wreath to make your festive season more colorful. You can make wreaths with color pencil of different sizes. Arrange colored pencil of different color and sizes in flower like pattern first and then affix them with glue or some other kind of adhesive.

Wreath Made With Color Pencil

9. Creative Yarn Ball Wreath

Try this unique and beautiful wreath idea for decoration of your home. Make a superb wreath made with Yarn Balls. First make some different sized balls with yarns of different color. Then arrange them in a circular pattern. You can use some golden or silver colored ball (that are used for decorating Christmas trees) to decorate your wreath. Finally join the balls and here your Yarn ball wreath is ready.

Creative Yarn Ball Wreath

10. Make Wreaths With Marshmallows

Love to eat marshmallows? Yes, of course. And not only have you, everybody loved it. Here is a nice idea to make a Marshmallow wreath to make your festive memories sweeter. See the reference picture given below and try to make such an awesome marshmallow wreath for your family members or you can gift them to your near and dear ones.

Make Wreaths With Marshmallows