10 DIY Glows In The Dark Stepping Stones

Stepping stones glow in the dark and help us in navigating the dark pathway. The stepping stones don’t require electricity to glow, but their inbuilt phosphorescent chemical inside the stones help them to recharge in the day time. The stones have the power to glow in the dark from thirty minutes to ten hours. They are costly to buy, but glow powders in the market lessen your burden to some extent.

Here Is The List Of 10 Diy Glows In The Dark Stepping Stones.

1. Concrete

Concrete can be added with glow-in-the- dark powder through which you can make stepping stones. The suggested amount to mix with the concrete is 15% powder of volume. But, the right amount of powder used will depend on the type of glow powder you have. The user manual will give the directions on how to make the stepping stones.


2. Grout

When you are fixing tiles using the mosaic method in which the grout is a material, the glow-in-the –dark powder can also be mixed with the grout. The resultant is glow with much less of the required for the surface, but can make up if earth aluminates powder is used. This is an effective method, in case you don’t want much light in the area. Always use a sealant when using grout; also, ensure the sealant doesn’t contain any materials that block the UV light. The glow-in-the-dark powder needs to be exposed to UV light to activate the phosphorescent characters.


3. Paint

Paint is the option and ensures the paint is manufactured under the glow-in-the-dark products. Don’t mix the glow-in-the-dark powder with normal paint, as they won’t give any effective results. It is due to the materials in the paint that block UV light, which is crucial for stepping stones to glow. Use special paints that give way to UV light to illuminate the stones.


4. Illuminating Stones

It will be difficult to view the concrete planters and pots at night. Avoid injury to your toe, by coating them with clear glow-in-the-dark paint. The paint will brighten up your terrace or patio with a cool nighttime shine.

Illuminating Stones

5. Wooden Fence

Does your house is fenced with wooden blankets. This can be used for fixing the stepping stones by producing holes in the wooden fence. Apart from it, you can plant nurseries over the wooden fence. The shine is an eye-catching color apart from giving bright illumination.

Wooden Fence

6. Mason Jar Or Jelly Jar

Use mason or jelly jars instead of solar rights. Put lights on top of the mason or jelly jars to glow the area.

Mason Jar Or Jelly Jar

7. Dark Stepping Stone

This dark stepping stone is made from durable polyethylene and the choice of color is yours. It gives a bright nighttime glow. It is useful for hidden storage for yard accessories or garden accessories.

Dark stepping stone

8. Two Herons

Calm and elegant, the heron garden statue offers natural light to your garden or home. The two heron are cast aluminum with heavy cast –iron base and an aged bronze finish.

Two herons

9. Steel Herons

Ancient graffiti pair of steel herons for outdoor sculpture. It is made with durable steel construction. It can be given as a gift for the home and garden. Two lovely herons, one bowing and one in stretched neck pose. It is sprayed with a powder coated finish and can be placed in any part of the garden.

Steel herons

10. Blue Heron

The statue is beautifully crafted blue heron garden statue. It is made with cast aluminum base with Verdi finish. It will compliment with any garden structures. Place it in the pathway of your backyard to boost the ambiance.

Blue heron