10 Creative Ideas To Make From The Old Or Waste Tyres For Home

10 Creative Ideas To Make From The Old Or Waste Tyres For Home

The recycle of the waste tyres are used in various ways as they are not disposable, they can be converted to various ways to utililised, the tyres are of various sizes that are found to be used indoors and outdoors as seats, wall hangs or any other form, through the tyres recycle, innovative ideas can be applied to makes various new and stylish items, the most simple and less expensive or low cost  form of the making of creative things to decorate your house.

Few Of The Innovative Ideas Are Discussed Below:

1. Doggy Bed:

Color the tube with bright colors that you would like to paint on the surface of the tyre tube, filled the void space in the tube with cushions or take a cushion cover fill it with soft old cotton cloths and place it within the tube, it is a comfortable bed for your dogs, where they can sit as well as relax.

Doggy Bed

2. Staircase:

Fix the measured pieces of the tube on the treads of the steel made or metal made which helps in the stable stepping of your feet, the water that fall on the open roof stairs makes it slippery, so the tube rough surface avoids the slippery nature of the metal staircase.


3. Planters:

Two tyres of different diameters that is placed with the greater diameter below and small diameter above it, the whole primer or the base color of the tyres are applied before placing as a planter and design the whole surface with bold textures, the plant is placed within the tyres, it also provides support to the plants on the ground.


4. Rubber Flooring:

Design the floor with the pieces of the tyres, with vertical or horizontal, or herring bond designs, it keeps the floor dust free along with a different look, the floor tends to become less slippery than compared to other vitrified tiles, gives a glamorous look to the less lucrative floors with black tyres or colored floors.

Rubber Flooring

5. Show Unit:

Make a funky showcase with the tyres fixed on the walls with racks at intermediate difference between the racks that can be of same colors or may be of different colors. Place it in the children’s room or the entrance lobby that changes the looks of the space, the tyres of larger sizes provides more space for the storing of the show pieces.

Show Unit

6. Sittings:

Beautiful and useful ways to utilize the tyres for sitting in your outdoors or indoors, color the surface of the tyres and fill the tyres with hays or straws then place cushions on top of the tyres whereas below the surface at the bottom of the tyres place a hardboard and above with the dry hays this gives a simple sitting arrangement with beauty for decoration and comfort.


7. Swings In The Garden:

The oldest form of making a fast swing faster with the help of the tyre and the ropes hanging to the branch of a tree, the ropes can be tied around the surface of the tyres or the hooks can be attached to the tyres, the tyres can be a plain black surface of it may be decorated with bright colors, the cushions should be place for big tyres, small tyres may not require any cushion as you can easily sit on it.

Swings In The Garden

8. Stair Steps:

In hilly areas climbing to the house are found to be developed through the tyres specially in rainy zones, where building of the steps through concrete by cutting of the earth may not be easy, so laying of the tyres one above another through the pathway to the hills leading to the house, is one of the stable processes seen in the villages of the hilly zones. The steps made through the tyres are one of the cheap way for the people cannot afford to spend on the building of concrete steps.

Stair Steps

9. Figures:

Make your garden much more stylish and attractive by plotting figures made through tyres of various shapes the frog, the cats whatever that can be easily made through the tyres, this increases the showiness of the garden, it is one of the cheapest and easiest form to recycle old tyres.


10. Eating Bowl For Pets:

Fix the food bowl of your eat pets in the tube of the tyres, it is easy for the pets to eat their food easily as it is elevated to a height  and on other hand the bowl is fixed in a place within the tubes. The small tyres are used to hold the bowls, that acts as a bowl holder keeping your place clean.

 Eating Bowl For Pets