10 Awesome DIY Craft Ideas Using Soda Cans

Awesome DIY Craft Ideas Using Soda Cans

Who knew that a humble used soda can has so many uses? If you drink lots of soda, chances are you might have plenty of soda cans lying around. Instead of throwing them away, you can recycle and reuse them. If you don’t have enough, you can always collect them from friends who drink soda and try your hand at these DIY ideas.

1. Wind Chimes

You will need a couple of soda cans, butterfly patterned punch, metal washers, clear thread and scissors for this project. First, cut away the top and bottom parts of the soda can using scissors or knife. Be careful as the edges can be sharp and you might cut yourself. Now, you will be left with a metal cylinder which you will have to cut open along one side. Make the soda can lie flat on a table and cut out desired patterns using a punch. You will need two shapes for each butterfly you want to make. Now make a hole at the center of the butterfly and work in the thread through two butterflies with the colored surface facing outwards. Tie a knot and hang them from the wind chime branches. You also need to thread in the metal washers and hang them in the same way. You may have 3 different layers in your wind chime with about 5 butterflies in each layer.

Wind Chimes

2. Bracelets

You can make amazing bracelets using soda cans. For making bracelets you will need a soda can, colored ribbons, scissors and glue. First, cut two strips of equal width from the body of the soda can. Make sure the width of the strips are slightly lesser than ribbon width. Now, glue together the two can strips by placing them on top of each other. While the glue dries, wrap the ribbon around the remaining soda can for measuring the required length. Cut 2 ribbon pieces about ½ inch more than the necessary length. Glue the ribbon pieces to the top and bottom of the can strips and allow them to dry. Once done, place the bracelet around your hand for appropriate measurement and glue the two ends together.


3. Coasters

Soda cans are ideal for making fun, colorful coasters. As a first step, cut away the bottom and top part of the cans using scissors. Be careful as the edges could be sharp and you might end up hurting yourself. Now, cut along the seam on the side of the can and lay it out flat. Attach the can squares to plastic tiles using glue and allow them to dry. Paint varnish over the coasters for sealing. That’s it, you are done. You may attach some felt pads to the bottom of the tiles to prevent scratches on your table.

4. Key Chains

How about quirky key chains made from used soda cans? Sounds good? They are pretty easy to make as well. You just need to cut away the top and bottom parts of the can using scissors (Be careful!) and cut away small shapes from the remaining can. Now, punch a hole through the shapes and add jump rings. You can even stick logos or stickers to the shapes. Attach to a key chain and you are done.

Key Chains

5. Lanterns

You can make rustic little lanterns using used soda cans. They are perfect for your porch or garden and you can place battery operated tealights or small candles in them. You will need soda cans with tabs, wire, scissors, sharp knife and candles or tealights for this project. First, cut vertical strips along the walls of the can using knife leaving a space of about 2cms between each cut. Now, pop the strips to loosen them up. Press the bottom and the top of the can together to create a fold along the can walls. Now, cut away one of the strips to create an opening for placing the tealight. That’s it you are done. Fashion a handle out of the wire and attach it to the tab of the soda can. Now, your lantern is ready for use.


6. Pencil Stand

It is unbelievable easy to convert a soda can into pencil stand. All you need to do is clean the can and cut away its top using a knife. Now, it’s time for you to get creative and start decorating the can as you please. You can either spray paint the can or cover it with colored fabric/paper. In no time you will have a colorful pencil stand in your hands ready for use.

Pencil Stand

7. Trash Can

Never in a million years would you have thought of this. Flattened soda cans may be used to make a waste paper basket. Yes, by placing a base and gluing together flattened cans around it to form a cylindrical shape, you can make an amazing trash can. You can make these trash cans as big or as small as you want them to be.


If you are a bookworm, chances are you are always out of bookmarks. You can cut away rectangular strips of the desired dimensions from soda cans and use them for making bookmarks. You can cut and attach paper printouts or colorful fabrics on both sides of the metal strips using glue. Allow the glue to dry and your bookmarks are ready.


9. Earrings

If you are constantly on the hunt for new, fun and quirky earrings, this is for you. You can use soda cans for designing and making your own earrings. You will need a soda can, a pair of earring hooks, hole punch, pen, paper, scissors, spray paint and jump rings for making your own earrings. First, draw your desired earring pattern on a paper and cut it. Cut away the bottom and top of the soda can. Now, cut along the seam on the side and flatten it out on a newspaper. Place the paper pattern on the can surface and cut carefully. Punch a hole on the top of the earring for the jump ring. Spray paint your earring using any desired color and attach the jump ring. Attach jump ring to the earring hooks and you are done.


10. Vertical Garden

Soda cans are ideal for making a vertical garden for growing herbs. You can remove the top of the cans and use them for planting herbs. You will have to make holes at the bottom of the can for drainage and attach it to a wooden plank. Fill up the cans with potting soil and sow the seeds. That’s it you are done.

Vertical Garden