10 Amazing DIY Projects Using Old CDs

Projects Using Old CDs

Gone are the days when we used CDs for storing information. These days CDs have become obsolete, thanks to technology advancement. So, if you are thinking about just throwing away all your old CDs, just wait. Put your old CD’s to good use with these creative DIY craft ideas. With these ideas, not only do you get to use up your old CDs but you can also bring new life to several boring old household items.

1. Christmas Decorations:

You can jazz up your Christmas decorations using plain old CDs. All you need for this project is glass Christmas ornaments, glue, scissors and a couple of old CDs. Cut up the CDs into small pieces using scissors. Now, stick the pieces on the glass ornament using glue. Make sure that the shiny surface of the CD is facing out. Once done, you can also stuff colorful ribbons inside the ornaments to jazz it up bit more and also cover up gaps. That’s it, you are done. Your jazzy Christmas ornaments are ready for use.

Christmas Decorations

2. Refurbished Birdbath:

You can bring your plain old birdbath to life using old CDs. You will need old CDs, scissors, glue and grout for this project. First, break up the CDs into small pieces using scissors and glue them on the surface of the birdbath. Once done, you can marvel over how your new, improved birdbath changes color with light. However, there are bound to be gaps between the CD pieces which might lead to the feet of birds getting stuck. To overcome this, just coat the surface of the birdbath with grout and wipe out extra. Allow the grout to dry and your refurbished birdbath is ready.

Refurbished Birdbath

3. Shoes:

Are you despairing of your old, faded shoes and boots? Time to bring them back to life with a couple of old CDs. Just cut up old CDs into small pieces and stick them over the shoe surface using glue. And yes, please make sure the shiny surface is facing out. Allow the glue to dry and there you have it, shiny new shoes.


4. Candle Holder:

You can make a candle holder using old CD. You will need an old CD, glass marbles and glue for this project. The CD will serve as the base for the candle holder. Place the CD on a flat surface with the shiny side facing upwards. Now, start sticking the marbles around the edge of the CD surface using glue. Once, the base layer is done, glue marbles to make a second layer over the first one. Make the required number of layers and allow the glue to dry. Place a tealight candle inside the candle holder and relax.

Candle Holder

5. Coasters:

Old CDs can be converted into attractive new coasters. You will need a couple of old CDs, coir rope, glue, paint and scissors for this project. Apply glue over the CD surface and wind up coir rope over the glue in circular pattern starting from center to outside. Press the coir rope to make sure it is properly attached to the CD. Now, draw patterns over the rope surface using a black marker pen. Paint the surface using oil paint and allow it to dry. Your colorful CD coasters are ready.


6. Household Furniture:

Old CDs can be used to liven up any old furniture or storage box at home. Just cut up old CDs into small pieces and stick them over the surface using glue. Allow the glue to dry. Watch the play of lights over the surface of your now new furniture.

Household Furniture

7. Photo Frame:

Old photo frames can be brought back to life using old CDs. All you have to do is cover the frame using CD pieces. Sound easy right? Just cut up your old CDs into small pieces and stick them over the old frame. Enjoy your treasured memories in your new sparkly frames.

Photo Frame

8. Purse:

You can decorate your old handbags and purses using CDs. Break up the CDs into small pieces and glue them to the handbags and purses. Allow the glue to dry and you are done. Make sure you have an idea of the end product you desire and stick the pieces accordingly. For example, you can jazz up only the top flap of the purse using CD pieces to make it stand out.


9. Flower Pot:

Ordinary, plain terracotta flower pots can be made to stand out using old CDs. Cut up the CDs into small pieces and glue them to the flower pots in any desired pattern. Now, to fill up the spaces between the CD pieces, you can fill up the gaps using fabric paint. Now you can watch the play of lights on your flowerpots when the sunlight hits them.

Flower Pot

10. Fridge Magnets:

You can make colorful magnets for fridge using old CDs. Take a couple of colorful fabrics and cut them in a circular shape by placing the CD on top and cutting around it. Glue the fabric to the CD and decorate it with beads or glitter. Affix a magnet to the back of the CD using glue and use them as fridge magnets.

Fridge Magnets