10 Amazing Clay Pot Ideas To Decor Your Dining Hall

Clay Pot Ideas To Decor Your Dining Hall

Clay is one of the ancient material used in making of various products such as pottery the popular form of art of ancient India, pots are made with clay of different shapes, sizes and artistic paintings with colors which was once used in keeping water cold and naturally filtered. Plates, platters and bowls were made by the potters. Clay pots itself are one of the antique pieces in present time. Clay pots now can be used as various displaying , decorative and utilizing items, it is used in every part of the world in different forms such as purple  clay favorite of  most artist of China, terracotta in India, white clay and blue clay handmade pottery by artisans.

Few Of The Decorative Utilization Of Pots Are Discussed Below For Your Dining Room.

1. Beautiful Artistic Painted Clay Pots

Various colors and shapes clay pots, art paints on the body of pots, with different impressive and attractive designs  with various colors and shapes is very eye catching, when kept as displayed items on the shelves of the dining room.  The fineness and clarity of the painting in the pot increases the elegance of the dining room, intended to expose as display items.

Beautiful Artistic Painted Clay Pots

2. Clay Pots As Lampshades And Lamp Stands

Dining in less intense dimmed light with a beautiful music around gives a wonderful feeling. Lamp shades made of clay pots found of various lucrative designs, lamps stands are also of numerable outstanding shapes, pendants are also available, hang to the ceiling placed in proportionate to the size of the dining area. The different colors of light renders the ambience area and exposes a soft and cool feeling to the room and the people enjoying the dinner.

Clay Pots As Lampshades And Lamp Stands

3. Clay Pots As Tea Cups

Tea cups made of clay are one of the distinctive item in the kitchen and beautiful object to we present for tea in the dining room or to our guests, clay made tea cups are exciting for tea lovers who prefer hot cup of teas as it can keep edibles or liquid hot for long period of time, these cups with pot look are of various designs with cover lids, tea remains hot in these pots for long time, though few tea clay cups are disposable made of low quality used in road side tea stall in India, high quality tea cups of lucrative designs reveal an outstanding decorative item for use.

4. Artificial Pots With Plants

Flower pots can be kept outside the windows slab of dining room with  various arrangement of the pots, colored and various artistic on the body with beautiful plants and flowers exposed to sun. The flower pots are of different shapes and various clay materials. The dining room looks and smells beautiful because of the flowers and the plants which keeps you close to the nature, specially who are nature admirers, hanging flowers and plants pots  which we can hang with the help of clips or with the ropes.

Artificial Pots With Plants

5. Clay Pot Water Fountains

If your dining hall is spacious enough, small water fountain can be installed in the corner of the room which are made of clay pots, it may be arranged and designed in different forms in which the pots can be filled with pebbles and water. The fountain in the dining hall brings in an extravagant clarity to the space with a calm and cool feeling, is iconic as the continuous flow of  fountain water gives a peaceful mind with a closeness feel to the nature.

Clay Pot Water Fountains

6. Clay Pots As Wall Hangings

Various types of pots made of clay are used in making of wall hanging decorative items, such as chains of small size pots to hang on the wall, single strips on both the sides of the windows , they are of various colors, artistic designs and shapes, toy figures can be made through the pots on top of which artificial of faux plants can be placed on the sides of the fountain or can be used as wall hang decorative item. The walls of the dining room looks classy with the perfect choice of the wall hang pottery items enhancing a classic and trendy appearance to the dining hall.

Clay Pots As Wall Hangings

7. Light House Made Of Clay Pots

Dining out in open spaces in family get together or parties the open space can be decorated with light houses which gives an exclusive look but with a scatter of beautiful lights. Light house in dining halls as night lamps can be used to not only lighten the room but also executes a very trendy atmosphere of interior decoration for the dining rooms. Light house are made from colored pots of various sizes with a lamp when outside solar lights can be used and inside electric or battery connection is required whichever is preferable. The light house attains a splendid  innovative gesture to the dining space.

Light House Made Of Clay Pots

8. Wall Hang Clay Pots

Decorated artistic sleek clay pots hung on the wall of the dining area or the lobby between kitchen and dining area is extremely hypnotic for the plants and nature lovers.

Wall Hang Clay Pots

9. Candle Stand

Clay pot can also be used as candle stand and placed as a center piece item or displaying item on the wall units of the dining hall. Candle stands beautiful colored and designed inspires the charismatic effects of artistic works on smallest to smallest  objects made of clay.

Candle Stand

10. Tea Pots

One of the best well known clay pots are the tea pots used by our ancestors and even today it is the classic item made of clay which is not only classy but  it keeps the tea hot for an extent of time respective to other tea pot materials. The tea pots are of various  fabulous ornamental designs are vintage items used as an display items and  others are used as decorative item and serving  warm tea on the center of dining table.

Tea Pots

The collections of clay items in the dining room improvise and initializes for the innovative and classy appeal to the space inspiring to exhibit more closely and for those who are attracted and admire the nature’s beauty.